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The HelloClan server in Battlefield Vietnam, also known as -[HELLO]-Bfv | Allmaps - started up the summer of 2008. And today -[HELLO]-Bfv | Allmaps is the largest server in bfv. Which means it has the most players flowing through it per day. Help us keep HelloClan running in battlefield vietnam, and at the same time keeping BFV active by making a donation.

Make sure to let us know that you're donating to the BFV server by using the Description field when making the donation!

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Donating players will not get any special treatment from administrators whatsoever. Donating players are just as likely to get kicked, or even banned by admins.


  • Alphascout
  • Pinky
  • RoBoDuCk

Please let us know if you've donated and are not on the list.

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