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Join HelloClan in Battlefield Vietnam

Create Account on
Creating an account on HelloClan is easy! Just click the link below. If, however, you just want to join our server, visit for all the information you need.

Submit an application
Now that you're done with creating an account, you must create a application
in order to get accepted into the clan. Copy the form provided below,
then paste it in the application and fill in the information.

Learn the rules & add your tag
If your application gets approved, go ahead and make sure you know the Clan Rules.
Then start battlefield vietnam and add your new tag: -[HELLO]- to your name.
Then join the server

What to do after you have joined
  • Stay active on the website and forum (, this is where all the news, bans, clanwars, divisions, reports, new members and everything concerning the clan is controlled from. (That's how you get well known among other members)
  • Join our players on TeamSpeak and enhance your game with voice chat all whilst making new friends. Teamspeak allows information to be conveyed significantly faster and can be the difference between life and death. Just don't forget to abide by our TeamSpeak rules
    Our TeamSpeak address is:
    If you need help getting set up, read this topic or post in our TeamSpeak forum. You can also contact IceSkater as he is in charge and runs the TeamSpeak.

Stay in touch with your friends
  • Make the helloclan newsfeed the first thing that you see when you open your browser. Keep track of what your friends are talking about, and make sure not to miss anything going on. It's simple, just click the button below!

Server Status

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