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Navigation All Maps-statistics Ranking -[HELLO]-BFV - Fall of Saigon - 16:07:01 21|07|2019 Chatlog
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Player Text Time
Tyme Bulm lol 16:13:01 21|07|2019
-[HELLO]-M.I.Bbe hi 16:13:21 21|07|2019
Ohreally? lol 16:13:31 21|07|2019
-[HELLO]-TheNME Hi 16:13:32 21|07|2019
Tyme Bulm hi 16:13:33 21|07|2019
Tyme Bulm who pimped my ride? 16:13:49 21|07|2019
Jum_P who the fuck switching? 16:14:08 21|07|2019
Jum_P center flag 16:20:16 21|07|2019
Ohreally? niib to main 16:20:45 21|07|2019
paranoid BAMUS 16:23:05 21|07|2019
Tyme Bulm bamboo is politicaly correct 16:23:24 21|07|2019

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