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Navigation All Maps-statistics Ranking -[HELLO]- BFV | - Operation Hastings - 01:26:03 25|07|2016
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Starttime: 01:26:03 25|07|2016
Mod: bfvietnam
GameID: 28183
Game-Mode: Conquest
Map: Operation Hastings
Game-Time: 0
Player-Limit: 52
Score-Limit: 0
Spawn-Time: 5
Friendly-Fire (Soldiers): 0
Friendly-Fire (Vehicles): 0
TKs punished?: 0
Deathcam-Type: 0

Round 1
Starttime: 01:26:28 25|07|2016
Communists started with: 325 Tickets
Capitalists started with: 325 Tickets
Communists finished with: 0 Tickets
Capitalists finished with: 323 Tickets
Capitalists won the round!
Battlefield "End-of-Game"-Ranking
Endtime: 01:58:57 25|07|2016

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