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Statistics HelloClan Players -[HELLO]- Desert Combat - dc_medina_ridge - 2024-01-19 09:53:02
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-[HELLO]- Desert Combat
Mod: dc_final
GameID: 53212
Game-Mode: Conquest
Map: dc_medina_ridge
Game-Time: 30
Player-Limit: 64
Score-Limit: 10
Spawn-Time: 6
Friendly-Fire (Soldiers): 100
Friendly-Fire (Vehicles): 100
TK Punish: 1
Deathcam-Type: 0

Round 1
Starttime: 2024-01-19 09:54:07
Red team started with: 690 Tickets
Blue team started with: 690 Tickets
Red team finished with: 395 Tickets
Blue team finished with: 0 Tickets
Red team won the round!
Chat Log
Battlefield "End-of-Game"-Ranking
Red Team Blue Team
Endtime: 2024-01-19 10:14:36

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