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HelloClan has been around for what feels like forever right now. It's all been looked after by the owner & managers. We don't force any of our users to pay for their privilege to play on our servers. However, a little bit of help every now and then won't go unappreciated.

If you make a donation towards our cause, your username will be displayed on this page if you are logged in to our website and chose not to be anonymous. If you opted to be anonymous, thank you in-advance.

Please note that our Donation page through PayPal is in Swedish, to change the language on your end please click on where it says "Välj land - Sverige" and scroll through the drop-down menu to select your country.

If you'd like to make a donation towards the upkeep of our services, please bear in mind the following:

Whilst we will greatly appreciate your donation to help us maintain everything we run, making a donation (regardless of amount) will not grant you special treatment from HelloClan Staff.
If you were to break our rules, you will still be treated the same as anyone else.​
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