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  Battlefield Vietnam Battlegroup 42 Event - 24th April 2021 12PM EST / 7pm GMT+2. Click here for details.

HelloClan in Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942 Info & Rules

Welcome to HelloClan's newest adventure! We have stepped into the world of BF1942 and we can only aspire to be as great in it as we are in Battlefield Vietnam. This server going to take some time to grow, but with our dedicated community, we think it will do quite well!

We are always going to be looking into ways of improving this server, as such we advise you to keep an eye on this page and the relevant forum in order to stay up to date on everything we are doing here!

Our Admins | BF1942 Forums

Racism, swearing & excessive insulting will not be tolerated:

To encourage a more friendly atmosphere, our server has a zero tolerance policy on swearing, excessive insulting and racism. Further, this rule is to ensure our server has no toxicity as well as no verbal animosity towards other players.

As such, swearing is entirely forbidden, along with calling other players racial slurs or insulting terms. Enforcement of this rule is primarily done through the servers automatic Banned Words program. We have added the most common swear words and slurs to this list. The result is that if a player uses a banned word in-game, the server will automatically warn you and should player continue using banned words within a few rounds, the player may automatically be kicked. Automtaic bans may be applied, otherwise they will manually be applied by an Admin upon review.

Recruiting and ramming:

Because BF1942 is already a cut-throat game, we will not allow any recruiting on our server. Ramming is allowed, though other players may not be so happy about it.

No chat spamming:

A simple rule, which is hardly ever a problem - but is still important enough to make it into the server rules. We'll only take action with this rule if the player really is disrupting the chat system for others either with their chat or the in-game radio commands.

In-game names:

We are not overly strict about what names you choose for yourself in-game. I mean, it's what defines you and allows others to recognize you when they see you. There are a few no-no's when it comes to names on our server though. We ask that you do not use a default name i.e. Player. If other new players are using this name, (which we try stop) and they end up breaking the rules thus admin action is taken against them, you might be targeted instead out of confusion because of the same name. We ask that you keep your name original, but it must not be a name that will come off as derogatory or offending. It must not target any other players in a derogatory way either i.e. mock names.

Excessive Team-Switching is frowned upon:

The ability to team-switch is a great thing to have in game. However, it can be used malevolently. It can also indirectly cause unescessary frustration to other players who are trying to stay on their own team but are thrown back and forth due to other players switching in an excessive manner. If you are auto switched, please try stay on the team you are sent to, we'd like to keep the team's as balanced as possible.

Hacking & glitching is not okay:

Hacking is severely frowned upon. If you are caught, you will be banned for life with no chance of appeal. If you are found glitching through buildings you will be admin killed & warned, this is not hacking but it is not tolerated. Exploiting any glitch which exists in the game that gives a player an advantage over other players will be met with admin action in the form of a kill and warning to stop.

We will kick & ban:

If it is believed that you are breaking the rules, you will be kicked. If you return sortly thereafter and continue breaking rules, you will be banned accordingly. Please note some important links below:

Ban List: click here to visit.
This is where you will find your ban topic. Any ban, regardless of length, must be posted here within 24hrs of the ban being made.

Appeal Your Ban: click here to visit.
If you feel your ban was wrongly made, please post your appeal here and we will look into it.

Report Players & Admins:
If an Admin is not present, you can report rule breaking players by clicking here.
If an Admin is breaking their guidlines, you can discretely report them by clicking here.

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