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Battlefield Vietnam Files & Guide

Downloading and playing BattleField Vietnam

Downloading the game:
Unfortunately, in compliance with a DCMA request, we can't provide a download for Battlefield Vietnam anymore. You will need to download the game from another source.

Need a CD-key?
If you already have a copy of the game and have lost your cd-key, or this is your first time with the game, you'll need a cd-key for the installation. If you share your key with another player, you may also want a new key so you can play simultaneously.

Getting a new key is as simple as sending a Private Message to SucceededKiller or IceSkater by clicking on our names here, assuming you have a forum account, or emailing us at: support@helloclan.eu

Installing the game:
Now that you've downloaded the game, you'll need to install it. (For an ISO)

On windows 8 or above:
Installing the game on windows 8, 8.1 or 10 is very easy, just right click the iso and open it in windows explorer. Next, double click "Setup.exe" and just follow the installation instructions on your screen. You can right click and eject the game, like you would a disc, once the installation is complete, as you no longer need it.

On windows 7 or below:
Unfortunately, these versions of windows don't have the capability to open ISO files built in. What you'll need to do is download something like Daemon tools lite (When you run it, choose the free license with ads) or Alcohol 52 in order to mount the ISO.

For alcohol 52: Once that's installed, open it up and choose 'image finder' on the left, choose the location you saved the iso at the top and search for it, then select it and press "add selected into Alcohol". Right click the bfv.iso and mount it, then run "autorun.exe" if it pops up, or open it from "My Computer" if it doesn't.

For daemon tools: Once installed you'll get a quick tutorial. If you decide to skip through it, just choose "Quick mount" and select 'BFV.iso' wherever you saved it. Next, press the drive icon, or double click it under 'My Computer' and run 'Setup.exe'.

Asked for disc 4? If the installation asks you for disc 4, point it to the 'BFV4' folder on the drive. It should then continue with installation.

Once installed you can uninstall Daemon tools or alcohol 52 if you wish, as it's no longer required.

Our server currently runs version 1.21 of Battlefield Vietnam. This means you'll now need to update the 1.2 version of the game if your download isn't using 1.21 already, using the link below: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8kuNDnJQWBXQk1JczczOEFHWFk/view?usp=sharing

You don't have to update to 1.21 if you don't want to, but as we're the most populated server it does make sense to update, and only takes a few minutes.

Running the game:
By now, you probably just want to play the game, perhaps you even skipped ahead and tried? Unfortunately, a windows update disabled the secdrv.sys service the game needs for the DRM, and windows 10 did away with it entirely.
Fortunately, we can bypass this with a no-cd!
You can download a 1.21 no-cd here: http://team-simple.org/download/bfvietnam-v1.21-patched.zip
This no-cd also includes a working server list, thanks to qtracker, and resolutions for widescreen and bigger screens than were common at the time. This makes it easier for you to play, and kills 3 birds with 1 stone.

How to Play:
Some of you may want to just get right into the game, in which case go ahead; you're fully set up now! Those of you that like to be a little more informed though may appreciate the following: BFV manual
Not interested in all that reading? Get a quick run through below:
Most controls will be the same as many FPS games. Mouse for moving your view, WASD for moving, left mouse to shoot, right mouse for Aiming Down Sights/zooming in/alternative fire.

BFV does, however, have some controls you might not be used to.

  • E - getting into vehicles/emplacements.
  • G - Picking up stuff from the ground, such as the NVA mobile spawn, a weapon kit dropped by a dead player or placed explosives.
  • K - Chat to everyone on the server.
  • L - Chat to just your team.
  • F keys - At the top of your screen you will see commands linked to F keys, press the appropriate F key for the option you want.
  • Switching weapons with the mouse wheel - Scroll to the weapon you want and then press left mouse button. (You can also use the number keys)
  • Switching seats - Use the number keys, if the seat is red on the icon at the bottom it is occupied.
  • Q - See the distance/location of flags, teammates and placed friendly explosives. (I suggest you do this every game, or you might get some upset players when you run over their mines)
  • Tab - View the scoreboard.
  • Insert - View the map order.
  • M - Open up the map.
  • N - Change the minimap zoom level.
  • Z - Go prone.
  • Ctrl - Crouch
  • ` or ~ - open the console.
  • Left shift - Walk. (If you find a use for this, let me know. It will take you forever to get anywhere)
  • Space - jump
  • C - Change camera view in vehicles.
  • 0 - Open the radio.
  • 9 - Parachute

And some unique mechanisms regarding vehicles or tools:

  • Wrench/ratchet - Repairs damaged vehicles/emplacements and apparently trees…(don’t ask)
  • Blowtorch - Damages vehicles/emplacements. (Don’t forget to run once it’s fully damaged…)
  • Bouncing betty - Will pop up and explode when triggered by movement. (hide round a corner if possible)
  • Claymore - (will explode when triggered by movement or manually)
  • Pungi sticks - Will instantly kill or deal a lot of damage if stepped on.
  • Caltrops - Deal a little damage but multiple times. (If you see them on stairs find another route…)
  • Landmines - Will explode when a vehicle passes over them. (Not triggered by infantry, don’t place them in tunnels unless you want strange looks)
  • Time bombs - Will explode after 10 seconds. Hold right mouse button to set the time manually.
  • C4 - Throw with left mouse, use right mouse to get the detonator or press the C4 key again.
  • Mortar - Deploy at your location with left mouse, press E to use it.
  • Binoculars - Aim at a location with right mouse then press left mouse. This will give artillery line of sight for 1 minute or until you die. Players on artillery can switch between targets with the mouse wheel. The Loach has this as an alternative fire option.
  • Airlifting - The Huey and ACH(Chinook) both have ropes for hooking onto US vehicles. Hold right mouse to deploy the rope, then hover it above the vehicle you wish to pick up until the light goes green. Once done, you can let go of the right mouse button until you want to drop the target, which you can do by pressing right mouse again. The player being airlifted should not move as this will cause them to get dropped.

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