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Join HelloClan

Join HelloClan

Joining our Clan is very easy and a simple proccess. Note though that we don't do cross game clan membership. If you're a member of our BFV clan, then you aren't automatically a member of any other game we endorse. Each game needs an application.

When creating an application to join our clan, we ask of you these simple questions:

Your in-game username

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Who recruited you, or how did you find us

Answer these questions in the topic you create when joining one of the following games we endorse:

Battlefield Vietnam

Our Clan Rules

If you are in HelloClan you can't be in another clan

Want to be a double agent? Well I'm afraid you'll have to find a different side. As much fun as realism can be, when it involves clans it can go a step too far, joining multiple clans is one of those steps. If you want to join HelloClan then go ahead, but don't join us if you are in, or planning on joining, another clan at the same time.

Sure you're a member?

We know American servicemen were drafted into the Vietnam war, but that's not how our clan works. Why? Because we like giving people a choice. If you want to join please post your application in the appropriate forum.. Link buttons above.

When you make your application, please ensure you use all the required fields. If you are not a member of our clan, but have our tags, you will make our Admins somewhat disgruntled.

Follow the clanwar rules in clanwars

Volunteered to participate in a clan war? Or maybe you were drafted in as a result of your excellent service in the past? Either way rules are rules and as always, breaking rules leads to sanctions, but don't worry, we won't shoot you. When in clan wars follow the rules set out, if the clanwar organizers say no napalm, don't go raining sticky fire on the enemies as when in a clan war you are not just you, you are HelloClan.

Every HelloClan member is expected to wear the BFV tag when playing BFV

Why? Simple, without your tag are you really one of us? How can we tell? If you went to war not wearing your uniform chances are you would not be treated as a soldier, the same applies here, minus the searches, potential imprisonment or accidental deaths. A tag, much like a uniform, is a sign of pride and removing your tag is like leaving the clan and I'm sure that is not your intention, right? That's the assumption we'll make, though.

HelloClan members are expected to be loyal to the clan

In real war soldiers who are not loyal are usually locked up, take Bradley Manning for instance. Now while we will not do the same to you we would prefer it if you decided to leave the clan before insulting us. It is also better for your reputation should you decide to join another clan.

HelloClan members are also expected to follow the server rules

The laws of war are expected to be followed by everyone, yes HelloClan member, you too. Just because you now have a clan doesn't mean the rules no longer apply to you, you are no more immune than any of the other players so if you decide to mass murder your team mates or throw about racial slurs your HelloClan tag will not act like a shield.

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    Dec 6, 2017
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