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The Legends

Our Legends

Even before the time of HelloClan (the offical name) there were people all over that were in contact with eachother. What started as a foundation, was eventually built into what HelloClan is today. Here are some honorable mentions to past leaders, committed players and those that had an impact on us as a community. Re-built from our old site's list, this Legends page is the oldest to the newest entry.


Also known as: HELLO

The HelloClan Founder

Victor Granath

Also known as: MR HELLO, Jackpot

One of the earliest helloclan members. Victor retired from being the BFV 2nd Leader in 2008.

Sezar Altonchi

Also known as: Foxeywing

One of the earliest helloclan members. Retired from being the BFV Pilot Leader.

Jelmer & Menno Prevoo

Also known as: Tankboy & GroundControl

Both Jelmer and Menno are one of the earliest helloclan members. Menno is a retired Marine Division Leader, Prevoo retired from being the BFV 2nd Leader, he's now a Web Developer.

Travis Palmer

Also known as: Travco

Retired BFV Pilot Leader, currently a Web Designer.

Jonathan-Emmanuel D'Amato Dugas

Also known as: RyanCooper

Retired BFV member.

Angus Copland

Also known as: Freshblood

A real oldschool BFV player, has been in BOB Clan aswell as -[HELLO]-Clan. Was also nominated for being the coolest australian alive.


The leader of «[XxX]»Clan, a clan that has been around since the game was released in 2004. Jackhammer is the owner of «[XxX]»Mission Possible, which were the foundation for Hello Members before we bought -[HELLO]-Bfv | Allmaps in 2008.

Jake Ridgley

Also known as: Jack O'Neil

Ex -[HELLO]-Sniper Leader, also one of the earliest members.

Sebastian Laitinen

Also known as: Purplehaze

Retired BFV Sniper Leader, he was also one of our earliest bfv members.


Oldschool [Sexy] Member, also joined -[HELLO]- for a short period of time.


Oldschool Bfv player, is known for [TBMG] & FR.

Alexander Haje

Also known as: JamesRayn

A real oldschool BFV player, was a member of STB and SAS Clan.


Showtek was the littlebrother of Komosa, Aka: Solitaire Wolf. He was a member of -[HELLO]-Clan for quite some time before he left.

Komosa / Solitaire Wolf

A old «[XxX]»Legend, which was later promoted to being the «[XxX]»Leader. He was greatly involved with -[HELLO]-.


A oldschool bfv player.

Albin Sällström

Also known as: Battle29, RazerBoy, Brazil Chacara

One of the earliest hello members.

Sebbe Gustafson

Also known as: B-Pack, Littlewing

Ex-Hello Member, a real oldschool bfv player.


Oldschool Competative bfv player.


Oldschool Competative bfv player.

Gerry Michael

Also known as: «ßÔß»FLÔWERPÔWER CL

An old school BFV player, trusted -[HELLO]- admin and friend to many. Gerry had sadly passed away on August 4th 2014. He had made his mark in BFV and his memory will always remain with us. May you be at peace Gerry.


Also known as: -[HELLO]- Vmax

Our most resilient member. Vmax has been with us since 2013, although a short period, he has endured everything with us and has grown to become the eldest (not age wise) Admin on -[HELLO]-BFV. A trusted member and good person. Thank you for your service Vmax.


Also known as: Cosmo / Cosmic Heeler

A committed BFV player on our server, as well as other's I'm sure. He was a good person at heart and you could always count on him to murder you in-game. Jerry sadly passed away on the 12/5/2016.

=KGC= Barfly

Once upon a time, every BFV server was a competitive server but as time grew on friendships were made across quite a few servers and one of these was the =KGC= Airwars server. Owned and ran by Barfly, through =KGC= and -[HELLO]-, BFV kept it's player base during the games most gruelling trials. Barfly is a good friend to -[HELLO]- and has always been an awesome person to play the game with.


Also known as: IceSkater

Shaun first started playing BFV online in 2015 where his first point of call was our BFV all maps server. Within approximately a month he was made an admin, and within a year he was 2nd leader for BFV. From the get go it was clear the sort of person he was and that he'd be an asset to HelloClan. Shaun has put so much time and effort into HelloClan to keep it alive and to help it grow that nothing said here will do him justice. He's always around to help those that need it and makes sure everyone enjoys the game as best they can. If you're playing on any of our servers, it's because of Shaun, so make sure you thank him if given the chance because we all owe him for the fact we're here today.

Predominantly put together by IceSkater, with one special addition by SucceededKiller

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