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-[HELLO]-Mission Possible

-[HELLO]-Mission Possible [SSM]

Our Battlefield Vietnam Mission Possible server has returned! Originally from 2007, we've revived the "Mission Possible" name with our custom server-side maps! This server has been dedicated to host SSM changes that take the game into a new direction, balancing things out quite nicely.


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About Battlefield Vietnam

Battlefield Vietnam, or BFV as we call it, is a first person shooter game that was released on the 14th March 2004. It was developed by DICE & published by Electronic Arts. It takes place during the Vietnam War and features a large variety of maps based on historical settings, such as the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Battle of Hue, la Drang Valley & Operation Flaming Dart.

On March 15th 2005, EA re-released the game as Battlefield Vietnam: Redux, which featured new vehicles, maps and an EA created World War II mod based on the previous Battlefield 1942. Today, BFV is still world renown and it is supported by dedicated communities, such as ours, to ensure that players can still play the game they know and love.

The Maps:

We feature fully customized maps. Don't worry, you don't need to download them! It's all done server-side! They'll provide a fresh experience to existing maps! The changes are too great to put into a singular page though! Please click the link below to see the dedicated forum section that lists all the changes made to each map and the vartions thereof.

Click here for maps resources.


Operation Game Warden

Operation Hastings

Operation Flaming Dart

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls Tunnels Only

Landing Zone Albany (Sniper Duel)

Fall of Lang Vei

Siege of Khe Sahn

Cambodian Incursion

Reclaming Hue

Fall of Saigon

Operation Irving

Quang Tri 1972

Ho Chi Minh Trail (Temple fight)

Hue 1968

la Drang Valley (Tank battle)

Quang Tri 1968 (Knife Only)

Defense of Con Thien

Saigon 68

Saigon 68 Tunnels Only

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