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HelloClan in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam


HelloClan's first venture into the open. We've went and got ourselves a Rising Storm 2 Vietnam server and expanded into the game. Still trying to find it's feet, it has a lot of headway to make before it can have it's own fully fledged die hard supporters.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Server Rules

No Teamkilling & friendly fire

Do not intentionally wound or kill your teammate. Even if they did it to you first, or you see them walk into your line of fire. We want players to be able to trust their teammates on the battlefield. Discharging any weapon in the base areas is not permitted (this includes grenades and vehicle mounted weapons) unless engaging with the enemy.

Racism & excessive insulting will not be tolerated

While cussing, swearing, having controversial discussions and using controversial nicknames is allowed to a certain point, the line is crossed when someone is offended. So, what is offensive? This is one of the biggest issues we have in the community perception of ban reports. Obviously, people have different opinions and views on certain matters. So to clarify, something is offensive when someone is offended, even if the offender doesn't think it is. The least we can do then is to ask of him to stop bothering the person in question. Moving on from what's generally offensive, to insulting. We ask you not to insult people in a offensive manner based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin/ethnicity, disability status, age, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability or any other status that might really offend a person.

No Recruiting

Please do not recruit for your own unit or clan while playing on our server.

No chat spamming

Please keep all chat game related for the benefit of your team. This includes the voice and text chat. Also do not comment any admin action that is taken.

Only take roles you're familiar with

While we try to keep gameplay as realistic as possible it's important for some roles (especially for Team- and Squad Leaders) to be played correctly, otherwise the chances for that team are minimized and this ruins the fun for everyone. Pilots are asked to coordinate themselves with their team since air support is an important resource.

Team-Switching is frowned upon

Again, you don't want to betray your own team so we ask you to not team-switch during a map.

In-game names

We are not overly strict about what names you choose for yourself in-game. I mean, it's what defines you and allows others to recognize you when they see you. There are a few no-no's when it comes to names on our server though. We ask that you do not use a default name i.e. Player. If other new players are using this name, (which we try stop) and they end up breaking the rules thus admin action is taken against them, you might be targeted instead out of confusion because of the same name. We ask that you keep your name original, but it must not be a name that will come off as derogatory or offending. It must not target any other players in a derogatory way either i.e. mock names.

Hacking & glitching is not okay

Hacking is severely frowned upon. If you are caught, you will be banned for life with no chance of appeal. If you are found glitching through buildings you will be admin killed & warned, this is not hacking but it is not tolerated. Exploiting any glitch which exists in the game that gives a player an advantage over other players will be met with admin action in the form of a kill and warning to stop.

Use common sense

Use common sense, and don't try to find ways around the rules. Just because there's a list of rules, it doesn't mean that we'll never make any exceptions, the admins have permission to evaluate situations individually and ban on those grounds. If you do find yourself in the grey area on one of the rules, don't expect the admin to sit by and wait for you to cross the line with the rulebook open in another window. The bans will always be posted on the website to get the chance to be evaluated by the community. So if you wish to appeal a ban you may do so, however keep in mind that lying to support yourself after poor behavior will not help you.

We follow a Kick & Ban system

If it is believed that you are breaking the rules, you will be kicked. If you return and carry on breaking the rules you will be banned. If you are banned, you'll find your ban topic on our Ban List. Bans, regardless of length, will be found in the Ban List forum within a few hours of them being placed. If you feel your ban was wrong then you can Appeal It. In the unfortunate event that no admins are online when rulebreaking takes place you can report a player at Player Complaints.

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    Dec 9, 2017
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