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Who We Are

Our History

HelloClan came into being many moons ago, circa 2008.

The first true venture for HelloClan was endorsing Battlefield Vietnam (BFV) and hosting a server for the game. The battles were fierce, the forums were filled and our server was thriving.

We had many people visit us, from all around the world. Playing to kill or be killed in this fun, explosive PC game.

Sadly it got hit badly when Gamespy shutdown. Not just our server, but every other BFV server was harmed badly by this development, ending easy access to a server list and giving the impression BFV was dead.


Previously under the leadership of SucceededKiller (SK), whom saw to the server's maintainence as well as battling with people who would see our server die, the community was growing again. New players were getting the game and joining our server, something that was quite the sight. We owe him one for this. The amount of time he's put in to keeping this old game from 2004 still populated is a serious feat.

Battlefield Vietnam, under HelloClan, has proven to be such a resilient community of players. We've been through just about everything and we still came out the other end in one piece. From hackers, unexplainable crashes, windows updates that broke people's game installs to windows 10 itself. Everyone who has had issues has been helped one way or another and is able to play again. Thanks to the aforementioned gentleman.

SK had recently, not so recently, entrusted his legacy and the actual owner's legacy (Tedde aka -[HELLO]- himself) to IceSkater. The current HelloClan leader and likely the person you'll interact with on the site.


Join our Clan!

We're always accepting applications. If you are a registered member on our site, you can click on any of these links to apply for the relevant game!


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We'll see you in-game!

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    Dec 5, 2017
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