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Original Game Manual & TLDR Version

Original Game Manual & TLDR Version

Click here to view the original BF1942 game manual. For the TLDR version, please see below.

Most controls will be the same as many FPS games. Mouse for moving your view, WASD for moving, left mouse to shoot, right mouse for Aiming Down Sights/zooming in/alternative fire.

Battlefield 1942 shares a few basic controls with Battlefield Vietnam, with few exceptions.

  • E - getting into vehicles/emplacements.
  • K - Chat to everyone on the server.
  • L - Chat to just your team.
  • G - Picking up stuff from the ground, such as the NVA mobile spawn, a weapon kit dropped by a dead player or placed explosives.
  • F keys - At the top of your screen you will see commands linked to F keys, press the appropriate F key for the option you want.
  • Switching weapons with the mouse wheel - Scroll to the weapon you want and then press left mouse button. (You can also use the number keys)
  • Switching seats - Use the number keys, if the seat is red on the icon at the bottom it is occupied.
  • Tab - View the scoreboard.
  • Insert - View the map order.
  • M - Open up the map.
  • N - Change the minimap zoom level.
  • Z - Go prone.

At sea:

  • Arrow key UP - Open hatches / bow doors.
  • Arrow key Down - Close hatches / bow doors.
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