In-Game Console Commands

In-Game Console Commands

How to open the console in-game:

  • First make sure that the developer console is enabled under settings->"player, view and hud,"
  • By default the reverse apostrophe (`) which is colocated with the tilde (~) above the tab key will open the full (large) console that shows also the chat history.
  • You can change the default developer console key by editing:
    Documents\My Games\Rising Storm 2\ROGame\Config\ROInput.ini
    under [Engine.Console] you find the default key binds.[Engine.Console]
    By pressing F3 you can open the short console that has only one input row.

How to display current FPS

  • use the following console command: stat FPS

How to completely disable the HUD:

  • If you like a more realistic game experience or want to take a screenshot you can completely turn of the HUD by using the following console command: ToggleHud To bring it back just run the command again.

How to open a map in singleplayer:

  • If you wan't to test a map without the need to join a server use the following console command:
    open MAPTYPE-MAPNAME e.g. open VNTE-HueCity

How join a server by its IP:

  • type into the console: open IP:pORT e.g. open

How to suicide to respawn:

  • if you get stuck somewhere in a map press F3 and type suicide

Location Based Screenshot

  • Type bugit in the console
    This will generate a screenshot in the users Screenshot folder under "mydocs/mygames/rising storm 2/rogame/screenshots" that includes the map coordinates.
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