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Battlefield 1942 under HelloClan is getting a makeover!

Yup we've been giving 1942 some attention lately!​

When I say we...I mean mainly @BangBangOw :p
I've just re-done our 1942 pages, discord info reflecting 1942 etc...etc


Eagle eyed members of our Discord server will have most likely seen a new bot popup...and it's name is death -[HELLO]-BF1942/RTR/SW!

I'm kinda proud to say that we're bearing down upon 700 members on Discord... :D Anyway...we now have 4 registered servers under us plus HelloMiners. Take a look!


In case it needs time to sink in, this means we now have two Battlefield 1942 servers!!

In short what we've done is...

  • Our original, pre-existing 1942 server has been rebranded -[HELLO]-Desert Combat.
    We've done this to run the coveted Desert Combat mod, along with @BangBangOw 's customized maps for the mod. All done on the basis of trends and player counts when this mod was on scheduled rotation on our server.

    Checkout the refurbished page for it here:

    Grab the mod and Bangs custom maps for it here:

    This server will also play host to Desert Combat related events!

    Server details:​


  • Our new server, -[HELLO]-BF1942/RTR/SW, will run the vanilla type action of the original game and it's original expansion packs - Road to Rome & Secret Weapons! This is also based upon trends with our server and it's scheduling.

    Checkout the new page (mainly similar with a few changes) for this server here:

    This server will play host to the Pirates Events (should still be every Sunday).

    Any other vanilla related event or minor mod events will also take place on this server.

    Server details:​


With all that said, I'd like to sincerely thank @BangBangOw for putting in all the time and effort helping HelloClan cement itself in 1942 with a great deal of changes that make our server(s) unique among a starfield of others.

To many more years of fruitful gaming under us!