• Need to report a player? Or a server issue? Use our helpdesk! Click here and open a ticket for faster response times!

Just a small update with regard to how we deal with support and report instances:​

The link has been changed from www.helloclan.eu/report to www.helloclan.eu/support (this takes you straight to the department selection page - might change where it lands later on, but the link you see will not change again)

This is because we haven now got our own helpdesk hosted by ourselves and I've been busy setting it all up properly. It is going to be an all-in-one location eventually for support / report related submissions by players.

Previously we used a third party helpdesk which seemingly at times didn't quite work well. :| Partially my fault but partially their fault too for not stopping spammers...and getting us a bit if a black list...

That all has changed now for the better.

It works on the same principal as our previous helpdesk;

1) Click on the link: https://www.helloclan.eu/support

2) Select which category / department befits the current situation

3) Enter your email (used for correspondence only), a username and your message (attach a photo or two if you want).

4) Submit and hang tight!

The selected department will get an email notification about it (since we all basically have our emails on our phones), this ensures we are notified as quickly as possible about the request and any one of us that is closest to sort it out will deal with it accordingly.

Likewise, when submitting a ticket, you will get an email notification confirming it's been opened as well as notifications if we reply - please note you must click on the link in the email to view your ticket. ;) To reply, you will need to click on the link supplied in the email - this removes the need completely for pesky accounts and passwords.

I've also added a banner to our website at the top (which is dismissible) that clearly says where to report server issues or players. Every link pertaining to "report a player" now points to the helpdesk.

Likewise, reporting staff is also done via the helpdesk - via the "Report Staff" category - where the leadership will see it.