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Ban: "geronimo" and several other names aka "agathyus"


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11:05 AM
Oct 20, 2016
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Player's Name: "geronimo" and several other names aka "agathyus"

Admin's Name: IceSkater / HeiligWahrheit

Rule(s) Broken: Teamkilling/Disruptive Gameplay

Action Taken: Ban until the End of July on all -[HELLO]- servers.

Video Evidence: No

Chatlogs: Yes

Chatlog Evidence:
Many cases of teamkilling in the past weeks. Many players complained. First of all: You don't need to use other ingame-names. Admins can see it's you agathyus anyway.

Teamkills can be proven with event- and chat-logs. Just a little excerpt:

2022-06-18 11:59:59 : User operator at console kicked player geronimo for minus score.
2022-06-19 16:08:15 : User operator at console kicked player whitehawk for minus score.
2022-07-17 11:57:25 : User operator at console kicked player Player_0 for minus score.
2022-07-17 15:45:18 : User operator at console kicked player Bojler Gyula for minus score.

The following shows the stats at the end of one round, 3 teamkills:

<bfPlayerstat playerid="5">
<bf:statparam name="player_name">geronimo</bf:statparam>
<bf:statparam name="is_ai">0</bf:statparam>
<bf:statparam name="team">1</bf:statparam>
<bf:statparam name="score">14</bf:statparam>
<bf:statparam name="kills">4</bf:statparam>
<bf:statparam name="deaths">24</bf:statparam>
<bf:statparam name="tks">3</bf:statparam>
<bf:statparam name="captures">5</bf:statparam>
<bf:statparam name="attacks">0</bf:statparam>
<bf:statparam name="defences">6</bf:statparam>

Admins Note:
Some personal words: I'm really disappointed of your behaviour. After your perma-ban you knew how to behave. Maybe think about not breaking our rules. And please remember your agreement when the admins allowed you to rejoin us. If you accept the rules, you are always a welcome player.

This ban is valid for all of the -[HELLO]- Servers.