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HelloClan Updates (August 2022)

Greetings from outer space!​

I thought I'd pop this in here as a brief...newsletter...yeah let's go with that. Similar to our April Updates Article, this will just be a rundown of a very few things across our games & platforms! With that said, let's get to the brief nature of this post.

Satellite games (updates & events):​

In a small subtle reminder that we have these games under our belts, there's been some HEAVY changes to these games that I've not posted about and feel that it should be added. So why not?

Apex Legends:

Yes, we return to the Arena with Apex Legends and it's Battle Royale fun fair. Spawn, die, rinse & repeat, right? Great! Season 14: Hunted is landing on August 9th 2022 and it is not breaking the tradition of releasing a new legend with a new season!

Meet Vantage!

Kings Canyon is also being reborn (again)!

Our level caps are also being increased...and I fear for my life now... :D

Checkout the launch trailer here:

And of course, our main page here:

Halo Infinite (multiplayer):​

The game has certainly had some...teething issues but I'd like to think that it's part of the trials of making a game that so much rides on. That being said though, they've done some fantastic changes to improve things.

Season 2 of Halo Infinite's online cataclysm is actually becoming an art in a way. I mean...

...does this...not look familiar in a way to us BF fans?

Just a reminder of what Season 2 has to offer:

Checkout our main page here:

And of course, go checkout the full DL here!

Battlefield Vietnam & Battlefield 1942:​

Our timeless classics, most agreeably can be called that now wouldn't you say?

We continue on doing what we do best and that's maintaining the servers, ensuring that our players have a place to play in peace and quiet (to the best of our abilities at least). Bfv is going to be getting some extra events now that @HeiligWahrheit is around to help me out with everything. 1942 Is going extremely well with @BangBangOw and the proof is in the players! We can honestly say that we're covering as many bases as possible with our reach and we are constantly looking at other avenues to draw in players.

We've gratefully made some really cool allies in this world of nostalgia and in due course, we may even become affiliates and share communities openly. In the meantime however, the one hand washes the other - so to speak. ;)

A reminder that suggestions are always welcome (as long as they are feasible) for our servers. You can drop them in the suggestions forum for the specific game otherwise you can contact the Leadership (@HeiligWahrheit , @BangBangOw & myself) directly or collectively by creating a DM with us.

I guess it shouldn't need to be said, since the above already mentions him, but this is also a reminder that Heilig is part of the HelloClan Leadership now and is helping everything run smoothly. Without both Bang & Heilig, I'd probably be a bit overwhelmed (especially with things going my side). So a huge thank you to them as well as all of our dedicated staff who only do the best they can in their own free time!


Lastly, just a general reminder that if anything needs to be reported - such as players breaking our rules, platform issues, staff and or if just general help is needed - one can use our helpdesk: https://www.helloclan.eu/support

Using the correct category, the relevant staff will be emailed (since most of us have our emails on our phones nowadays) it's a lot faster and ensures we respond timeously. Likewise, it removes complete dependency (on me for example) to respond when someone else could have easily assisted. In due course our helpdesk will be upgraded a bit more...so that it's at least more visually appealing ( I know it's a tad bland at the moment ).

With all that said;
Happy gaming and we'll see you at the next events!