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SK and AJ chats - The Boysenberry


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Cpl.AJ: hoisenberry
SucceededKiller: A what?
Cpl.AJ: a hoisenberry
Cpl.AJ: its like a red berry and its bumpy
SucceededKiller: Did you make that up?
Cpl.AJ: no its an actual berry
SucceededKiller: Not according to google.
SucceededKiller: boysenberry
SucceededKiller: ?
Cpl.AJ: yes
SucceededKiller: Raspberry?
Cpl.AJ: thats the one
Cpl.AJ: boysenberry
SucceededKiller: xD
SucceededKiller: A boysenberry is a cross between a European Raspberry, a Common Blackberry, an American Dewberry and a Loganberry
SucceededKiller: Damn...it sure gets around. :p
Cpl.AJ: it was going through a phase
SucceededKiller: Mid-life crisis?
SucceededKiller: "Mature fruits leak juice very easily and can start to decay within a few days of harvest"
SucceededKiller: Poor thing.
SucceededKiller: (unranked): Angiosperms
SucceededKiller: It just doesn't help itself. xD
Cpl.AJ: He's had a heard life
Cpl.AJ: his dad was a blackberry who left him and his blueberry ma
SucceededKiller: Awww, poor guy.
SucceededKiller: Life just hasn't cut him a break.
Cpl.AJ: I mean jeeze he had a threesome with 4 different types of berries. His lifes a freakin wreck
SucceededKiller: xD
SucceededKiller: But it can only get better!
SucceededKiller: It's 2014 here, he must look forward to the future.
Cpl.AJ: Hes celebrating alone
SucceededKiller: Although
SucceededKiller: It sounds bad for him
SucceededKiller: Since 2007, a hybrid variety called the "newberry" or "ruby boysen", developed to overcome some of the shortcomings that led to the boysenberry's decline in popularity
SucceededKiller: People moved on, he's been replaced.
SucceededKiller: Should we tlel him?
SucceededKiller: *tell
Cpl.AJ: Wow. He's a shadow of his former self
SucceededKiller: Yes, they were very jammy with what they did to replace him, he'll be almost entirely eaten up when he finds out.
SucceededKiller: Hopefully he can find someone to spread the pain with. :p
Cpl.AJ: He's having a berry blue day...
SucceededKiller: This is almost as bad as our NK conversations...
Cpl.AJ: emphasize on the almost


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