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SK and AJ chats #2 - Farcry 4 Elephants


Normal Poster
Cpl.AJ: Did you hear about the new assasins creed and far cry coming out?
SucceededKiller: Yes.
SucceededKiller: Elephant riding in the himilayas. xD
SucceededKiller: *himalayas
Cpl.AJ: I dont understand whats si great
Cpl.AJ: I mean elephants are slower than john in the morning
Cpl.AJ: so any enemies out there will go after us
Cpl.AJ: ... on elephantS?
SucceededKiller: Well..how else are you going to traverse the himalayas besides on foot?
Cpl.AJ: Moped
Cpl.AJ: or a beatup old truck like in that movie 2012
Cpl.AJ: Or was that tibet...?
SucceededKiller: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=himal ... 66&bih=555
SucceededKiller: Good luck with your moped or truck.
Cpl.AJ: ATV?
SucceededKiller: xD
SucceededKiller: Elephants has a novelty value..
SucceededKiller: :p
Cpl.AJ: I mean there's a map just like that in bf4
Cpl.AJ: and i can get around on a motorcycle
Cpl.AJ: Maybe they can throw in dirt bikes or something with machine guns
SucceededKiller: Um..
SucceededKiller: XD
Cpl.AJ: Elephants are too noisy
Cpl.AJ: I mean imagine trying to go all stealthy to avoid hostile patrols
Cpl.AJ: and out of nowhere PHEWWOEEHDKSK!!!!!!
SucceededKiller: War elephants like on rome:total war?
Cpl.AJ: Or lord of the rings 3?
Cpl.AJ: Those things were massive and agressibe
Cpl.AJ: War elephants in a general are hit or miss
Cpl.AJ: I mean what if the elephant hits your own team
SucceededKiller: Then you regret bringing them. :p
SucceededKiller: Maybe..the enemies have elephants and you have just a pet mouse.
Cpl.AJ: That would be an interesting gadget
Cpl.AJ: Toss a little mouse and it scares the duck out of any elephant nearby causing havoc and chaos
SucceededKiller: xD
Cpl.AJ: OR
Cpl.AJ: It could be a perk
Cpl.AJ: almost like that agility perk in new vegas
Cpl.AJ: Your small body frame allows you tyo sneak past mines and traps
Cpl.AJ: In farcry
SucceededKiller: xD
Cpl.AJ: Your small body frame makes you look like a mouse to scare elephants
SucceededKiller: Right... :p
SucceededKiller: That reminds me..where's the new fallout...
Cpl.AJ: T_T
SucceededKiller: :(