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invalid cd key ?


Forum Rookie
Just try to set cd key again, for me also sometimes resets. You can use eReg/Battlefield Vietnam_code.exe

Also make sure that exe has same compatibility options (or none) set as BfVietnam.exe.


Forum Newbie
Having got new pc I also got a trouble called invalid cd key.

Following ways of editing bat.reg file and using Battlefield Vietnam_code.exe give no result. Help please.

P.S.: BfV does not work with resolutions like 1920x1080, right?


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
Hey Wasp, copy the complete folder from the game on your old switch to a USB stick and go to your new computer, I had to do this for my work in the new resolutions, and also in the case of the cd key if it does not work try to run the application Battlefield Vietnam_code as administrator and enter the registry with your cdkey =)


Forum Newbie
Thank you both very much!

If I got it right, I had edit two files in *Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\settings\Profiles\Custom\

It's done, some not usual things in menu and okay on map. Thank you once more.