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Want to say this.....


Forum Wizard
Since my return I have made some observations I think of import.

I am seeing the same quality players playing the game. Following the rules. Enjoying the game.

I see Vmax adminning like the pro that he is. He is clear and concise without fear or favoritism.

We had, I think, 40 players on recently. 99% of the time playing the game, having a great time with limited flare-ups.

I have witnessed both Nagi and HellsFurry playing red. Furry, more often than not, will switch to help a losing effort. He switches without ill will, unlike some other "Players" who shall remain nameless.

The game continues on and as always, it keeps me laughing, for the most part. That's why I'm here.

Keep up the great work Shaun, Vmax and all the great admins.