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Without looking at the rules, is it acceptable for a player to look through a wall to see where opponents are in the area?



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Like an in-game glitch?

Example, a few months ago, I was running around a building on the island on Flaming Fart. I was red and I saw the legs of a blue player sticking out through the wall. I ran into the building and promptly killed said evil player. Now I wasn't doing anything wrong, it's that the game showed the guys legs through the wall.

On other maps, I know there are places where players can lean against a wall or building and see through to the other side but you can't see them looking at you.

Is that cheating? A violation of the rules?


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I would not imagine so. I think it very hard to punish a player for the violation of looking. It's part of the game, just like listening.

I understand what you're asking though, whether or not a player is gaining an unfair advantage. I would say no. I mean, it's not as if they have glitched themselves into a building and kill everyone while remaining unseen and impervious.

For example, there are times if you're sniping someone...let's just say Doen because it's fun to snipe him...and you're hiding in some bushes. One of the tricks is to creep yourself into a position to zip a shot through his Dutch eye socket. There are times when the leaves fade away giving you perfect vision to kill Doen again while you remain unseen. I think we can all agree it's legal and awesome.

Then there are those guys who glitch on a map like Saigon '68, get in a few select spots and kill Doen repeatedly. Yeah, sure it's fun for everyone, but it's just fundamentally wrong...the glitching part, not the Doen killing part.

Just saw Ice's comment, and I think the fundamental issue is the advantage gained. Beyond that, it's trying to measure intent, and that's harder to determine. But hey, that's just my opinion.
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...you saw the legs of the player sticking out through the wall?
Before you kill him, ask him if its okay for him.
If not, run away and tell nobody what you have seen, cause an admin will kill and warn you for glitching :)
lol kappa
I wasn't looking through a wall. His legs were sticking through the wall. That happens frequently in the game in various places. When you stick your head up against a wall and look through to see where other players are, that's a different story.