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Maxwell Smart

Forum Rookie
Hello, I’m not sure if anyone here still remembers me as it’s been sometime since I’ve played but I’m wondering, does anyone still play. I would love to play again but I’m not sure if anyone ever gets on. I’m not even sure how to play the game anymore. Can someone update me on what’s been happening with the game. It would be appreciated lol. Thanks.


Rookie Hero
Hi Max and welcome back to the game mate. :)
We have a dedicated group of players from all around the world.
There are instructions here on the site so that you can play BFV with windows 10 and if you need help getting it to work then just ask.


Regular Poster
Hi Maxwell
Additionally I suggest you install the audio fix that you can find here to get Stars and Bars radio, Hannoi Hannah and radio sounds back ;)



Forum Wizard
Hey Max, glad you are back. I was on yesterday and for a time we had over 20 players. There is a link at the top of the page to the servers where you can see if anybody is playing. The server is the busiest on weekends as far as I can tell.

I hope you come play again. It's like riding a bike....