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[BFV] Administration Update


HelloClan Leader
Good day BFV community,

I'm writing this now, after a lengthy discussion with my Admins.

In spite of it being mentioned by several people, and it being a hot topic for certain individuals whom haven't always agreed with me, I'm going to be making some changes. Context of which will be noticeable further down.

These changes are small in nature but huge as it was the way the server has always been run by both me and my predecessors. The changes I'm talking about have to do with how the Admins exercise their power in-game and maps.

With that being said, let's jump right into it.

1. We are doing away with the Repeat Offenders clause.

Yes, after a bit of debate, I've decided to drop the clause as although it is effective, it is far better suited if the server was full populated all the time.

2. I'm removing the "Warn" in our "Warn, Kick & Ban" system.

Players will no longer need to be warned if they commit an offense. From now on an Admin reserves the right to Kick the player immediately. Admins are still allowed to show leniency and Warn a person still if they feel it deserved but Warning is no longer a prerequisite.

3. Admins reserve the right to use their judgement freely.

Admin's may exercise their judgement and common sense when it comes to players that are using the line between rule breaking and rule abiding to get away with infractions even though they're technically not.


The Admin Courses Of Action topic is now basically an example of what we see as rule breaking, emphasis on "example". I cannot think up every situation. You will note that punishments in the form of Bans will be decided by the Admin(s) based upon the severity of their actions. No strict form of ban times will be followed.

Obviously, if there is abuse of power I will step in. However, as far as I'm concerned, the Admins I have helping me here are people I trust very much. My trust has been rewarded time and time again with them and it's time I removed the limitation that has been enforced on them.

A small topic will follow in place of the Player Reports & Repeat Offenders clause under the Player complaints section, describing what to do / what happens to reported players.

Moving on from that,

At my behest, I am doing what has been pounded to a pulp on the forum and mentioned time and time again. That is removing some maps from rotation. This is a trial run, if there is a visible difference I will leave it be, if there is no difference I will put it back the way we had it.

Let me know what you think of these changes, the input will be appreciated. :)