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Banned from server but first time trying to play online


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Hey there fellas, long time player of battlefield vietnam , and every once in a while i re-download it to play again, tho ive never played online, for the first time im taking the steps to make that possible and finally found the ONLY server that actually has people in it and im banned from it somehow lol, maybe its an exclusive club

I was just wondering if there was any way possible i could get in the server, i would love to play vs REAL people i can only play vs computers that bug for so long lol

Any help would be appreciated thanks!


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Hey Redux,

Hmm...if you have downloaded it, I assume you have used a CD key from the internet?

It is likely in that scenario that your key may be banned...because we had a lot of attempts made by bad people to get back on our server and ended up banning a lot pf CD keys over the years...

The easy thing is to find that key and unban it, but i suggest holding tight for a bit till I am at my pc tomorrow then I will send you a new CD key with instructions on how to changeit with the game installed. :)

hey can u send me a cd key? ive got the same problem i think it is about cd key cause i found it on youtube on like first 5 videos i think? so can u please do that?