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Useful RS2V Related Links


Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Leader
Introduction into RS2
Experiencing Vietnam | Rising Storm 2 Video essay about immersion
Inspires His Men to Achieve Victory
Some free advice for the newer players

Guides for Player
New Player Welcome Guide
RS2 getting started
Squad Leaders
Marking Fire Support Coordinates //use your binoculars and right click to mark artillery
Remove marker as a squad leader
Rising Storm 2 Guide

Guides for Commanders
How to be a Commander
Commander for Dummies
Guidelines for new commanders part 1
Guidelines for new commanders part 2
commander role

How to Survive Vietnam

Officer Training School
Vietnam Era GI Slang

ARVN commander dialogues with translation
Welcome to Vietnam
Tips who everyone knows but noone using them

A Pilot's Guide To The Huey
Combat Pilot
How to capture the A point in resort consistently
Resort - a picture guide on taking A

Game Performance
Ultimate Performance Tweak Guide
How to open Console ingame

Map Modding
Demo Map for new Mappers
Export/Import Heightmap from BF:Vietnam
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Modding
Prefab pack
Mapcreation RS2 SDK English/Deutsch
How to get a map out of cache
Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm - SDK Basics #1 - Install, Terrain, Light, Spawns, and Roles
Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm - SDK Basics #2 - Skydomes, Objectives, Covernodes and Bot Paths

Server Hosting
Set up a dedicated RS2:Vietnam server on AWS
Redirect using steam workshop
Slow custom maps downloads

History Background
Vietnam Walkabout
Republic of Viet Nam Air Force
HILL 48: A battle for CON THIEN

What the Devs should add
Maps the Devs could add
Wishlist for RS2 update 1.09 : South Vietnamese Regional Forces
ROK South Korean Forces In Vietnam
Patch 1.8 Didn't do the ARVN justice

Mounted 50cal for South Vietnamese Forces
A Realistic Way to Add MACV-SOG
"Fall of Saigon" Maps, Spring of '75
Battle of Saigon
Thoughts on South Korean involvement in Vietnam? Possible faction in the future
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