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Capture time of the main flag

Increase the capture time of the main flag?

  • Yes

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • No

    Votes: 6 85.7%

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By a strange oversight of the developers in some maps set a very small time to capture the main flag.

It's not even funny when the main flag can be captured in 30-60 seconds. Especially if the main flag of the enemy requires 120 seconds.

What is the main flag? This is the area through which the troops receive most of the replenishment in personnel and equipment. In air maps it is the source of aviation. It shouldn't be caught so fast, it's wrong. Even if this base is not very big.

Of course, ideally I would like to see the main flag was impossible to capture. But I am sure that such an idea will have opponents and they will be right in something. An impossible-to-capture flag would break the original concept of the game. At the same time, the rapid capture of the main flag often leads to the transformation of the battle in the dull beating of infantry by air forces.

For example, the Fall of Lang Vei.
NVA has 1) Mi-8 Cargo 2) shovel.
And as if this is not enough, the main USA flag is captured for the same time as the usual flags. This is the shortest way to ruin a great map.

I propose to increase the time required for capture to 3 minutes for all main flags.


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One of the features I liked about BFV was that it incorporated kind of a historical accuracy. Even through the appearance of Migs and Mi-8 on the territory of south Vietnam wasn't accurate at all and only there for game balance.
So since the Battle of Lang Vei was lost by the southern faction (US Special Forces, South Vietnamese CIDG soldiers) BFV developer made the main flag easy to capture. It's a way to guide the map somehow into its historical outcome. That's also why they used the name Fall of Lang Vei ;)

So personally I wouldn't like to see any changes made here.
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Capt. Canada

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Canada's Insane Idea of the Day
Make the mains unconquerable.
When the server was full, taking a main was tough unless you had an elite team of players with specialized skills, an A-Team if you will. Now, with the server so unfull, any unskilled alleged player can accidentally take a main.
*cough* Doen *cough*

No, I can't stand the idea, but I played a few days ago (yes, made a brief and less than triumphant return) and got tired of one mig pilot raping US main at Hastings. So, to teach the insolent and upstart NVA a lesson, I took their main with just my wits, a toothbrush, and a rusty spoon. There were only 6 players, so taking the main really only served to irritate them; I didn't defend it and gave it right back.
However, if there were a bunch of flyboys on the server, they would have either left the game or defected to US forcing me to NVA just to take US main, an endless cycle of chaos.


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Canada's Insane Idea of the Day
Make the mains unconquerable.

*cough* Doen *cough*
Hey Can, I edited your quote so as to remove the parts irrelevant to my comment ... :)

I seem to recall that HHK had locked their mains in so they could not be captured. At least one outfit did, just not positive on which server. But I didn't like it as you know I enjoy the thrill. On Siege of Khe Sahn, when the ticker gets close to turning the flag white, my heart starts racing. Seriously. It's that exciting and, of course, Nagi shows up with the M79 and it starts all over again.

Always remember, it is my personal goal to take main. Just to keep them on their toes.