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Paul Kersey Banned? I am not even posted on the Banned player list?


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When Slaughter took the Mi8 and shot into the main he could have admitted as much and all would have been forgiven. Not apologizing for shooting into main when stealing the chopper makes the act appear to be deliberate. I was about to drop a timebomb that may have prevented the theft. The red team had momentum at this point and Slaughters actions changed the momentum of the game map at that time. I think we all have at one time hopped into a chopper of the opposing team and just reacted and let a rocket go on accident kind of like a flinch. My first ban in fourteen years.


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The times become harder.

I was playing BF 1942 Secret Weapons of WW II and Road to Rome Mods. I was always on SiMPLE RtR+SW Clan Server and there you will getting
a 24h Ban if you do only ONE TeamKill ! But not only on real player, if you TK a Bot too, you will get your 24h Ban.

By Baseraping you will get a 7 Days Ban !! Thats hurts much.
So i was very Clever and changed my CD-Key for playing in the 7 day Ban...but the Server knows that and BAM, was banned for 3 Month now.!!
Still waiting for my unban ...

So, the punishment system on Hello Server is acceptable i think.


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OK I can see you video and have no idea why you complaint didn't appear in the correct forum but the video works now and SurferDude is indeed mainraping.

EDIT I don't have permission to post in the Ban section of the forum for some reason but Surferdude you have a 24 hour ban.
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IceSkater: I am new to using youtube and did not complete the process when I submitted the video. I neglected to select the publish option after I uploaded and posted the captured video. It was a rookie mistake and I will fall on my sword for that one. Thank you for your help Vmax and your understanding Shaun.