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RS2 Vietnam Campaign is here

Should we switch to campaign mode?

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  • I have another idea (please explain)

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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Leader
Hey All
As some of you may have noticed the recent update 1.1 brought the long-promised campaign mode!
Brand new to Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is the Multiplayer Campaign mode! A deep, tactical mode which takes place over several battles, where the fate of the Vietnam War will be decided. Players must choose a side, and vote on tactical decisions, such as where to attack, where to defend, and which of their faction’s armies they will proceed in to battle with.
You can read more about it here: Multiplayer Campaign Is Here - Update 1.1 Is Now Live!

I'm now tending to give the campaign mode a try. But first wanted to hear some feedback.
What do you think guys? Should we move away from rotation mode, where we already have kind of a campaign by using the historical timeline map rotation?

If nothing speaks against it I will try to implement everything in the upcoming weeks.

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Master Poster
I have the game but am always getting smoked and hence I play it infrequently. I wish there was a CIP computed impact point reticle to aid in shooting from the hip. Perhaps I am just not stealthy enough and to caviler but dying again and again sucks removing any fun right out of game time. Suggestions?


Battlefield Vietnam & RS2:V Admin
Hi Rambo,

I voted for another idea.

I think you have done a great job leading the RSV2 server!. Campaign mode seems interesting. Do you think it will help us establish more of a core group of regular players? If yes, then it would be good, but it seems that the campaigns would run for a long period of time so one set of players may not play through.

The other idea that i had was to switch to a Mega Server, if that is possible (100-128 players). There are only 2 or 3 of those and they seem popular. It is a niche we could fill.
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Battlefield Vietnam & RS2:V Admin
Hi Rice,

Keep playing. You will eventually (or at least I did) start moving more cautiously and better work shooting angles so you aren't exposed. It's still very jarring when you get one shot (out of the blue, or when you are running).

Also don't wear a helmet - that way at least you won't give your opponent the satisfaction of hearing the ping when they shoot you in the head.
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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Leader
Thanks a lot for your input. I'm sharing your thoughts about the campaign and our too small playerbase.

Regarding the playerbase:
We still don't have many regular players. It all depends if one (of us) stays online long enough to attract roughly over 15 player and then the server keeps full for approx. 12-24 hours until the morning (US Time). This all depends on the day and the map and can change frequently. What I also observed is that between the release of new content a lot of player quit playing RS2. This was visible the weeks before the campaign was out where only a few servers kept populated.
https://www.reddit.com/user/Kestyr said:
... at the moment literally the majority of players are sales buyers and it's silly just from the lack of team shuffling after matches. The game has 3x the amount of people that it usually does playing (4500-5000 vs 1200-1800) and most of them are low leveled.
Regarding the campaign mode:
Since the new update came out nearly every server switched to campaign mode and it seems that currently everybody wants to play it. Maybe this will change if people are "saturated" with it.
Additionally there are some issues present right now:
-If the teams aren't even, players on the loosing team will quit leading to a more and more unbalanced game.
-The winning team can choose the next map to attack. A huge disadvantage to the defenders who can get steamrolled that way.
-Most maps aren't designed to be played as defenders or attackers for all factions.
-US army/marines get chosen for almost every map on the southern side.
-2 Biggest Problems In Campaign
-Server owners, can we go back to non-campaign mode yet?

Regarding the idea of a mega server:
There are some thoughts on my side and also some technical issues that speaks against running a mega server:
-RS2 differs from games like BF/CoD so that it is more realistic and requires some skills and reasoned gameplay. You won't get "simple" targets and the run/jump/shoot gamestyle also doesn't work. This can cause some frustration for starters if you don't know where you get shot from and don't get any kill for a whole round but this togheter with a max of 24/64 player is what makes RS2 different from other games. It's also historically more accurate since Vietnam war wasn't about large scale battles.
-RS2 maps aren't designed for that amount of player. ->64 player will destroy any tactics and lead to constant grenade spam, lots of targets and lots of chaos.
-The game/engine is not developed for 128 players -> that's why the mega servers have super high ping and their hardware requirements grow exponentially for every added player more than 64. The engine can only display 64 player tags so the addtional players aren't visible on the minimap.
-Since it's not officially supported you can't earn any XP on a mega server. A tripwire dev stated on reddit that we should not expect official megaservers.
-It's difficult to change the player limit. One must do some deeper tweaks to the server files leading to no EasyAntiCheat support. So no hacking protection for mega servers.
-Our hoster only give us access to server config files and not to the whole installation directory. So even if I wanted/knew how to do it, I wouldn't be able to alter all necessary files.

As mentioned above the game is a bit harder than BFV to get familiar with. As SellOut mentioned, keep playing. You will get better and better and learn how to use cover etc. :)
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Battlefield Vietnam & RS2:V Admin
Hi Rambo,

Thank you for the detailed response and information. The MegaServer idea won't work for the reasons you mentioned. Thank you for the technical information there - I had some questions regarding ping and future official support that you answered.

I changed my vote to YES. Lets give Campaign Mode a try, especially if it is in demand right now.


Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Leader
I must admit I didn't expect that. After finishing doing the configs yesterday I wanted to run a small play test. Some minutes after that our server was already filled up with 28 people going straight to 50. It seems that regardless all present issues the campaign mode is verry popular. So for now I will keep running it like that.
As always, I'm happy to receive further suggestions. Also regarding map/region selection.
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Battlefield Vietnam & RS2:V Admin

I played quite a bit of Campaign Mode this weekend and it is very interesting. The weapons seem to change throughout the war. Also it is very interesting attacking on a map with an army that traditionally defended or vice versa (attacking in Cu Chi as NLF, defending with US Army on Hue City).


Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Leader
Hey SellOut

Yeah the available weapons and factions change over time where by default each map counts for a year going from 1965-1975. (e.g early years: 1965 only m14 and transport pilot for US, late years from 1973 on only ARVN as available faction, 30 round M16’s and XM-177’s for the ARVN etc.)

While this is a plus for realism I found it a bit an immersion killer to play maps dedicated to real battles out of their historical context. For example, playing LongTan with US as attackers in 1969 where the real battle was AUS as defenders in 1966.

Also some maps are just not suitable to switch attacking sides. Especially if there are choppers in place. Worst example is Resort. If North is going to play this map as attackers, it will result in being trapped on the base island.
This issue should be solved in a future update where we should be able to lock sides on maps regardless which team decides to attack it. This could also bring back some historical accuracy.
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