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Its been a very long time and I have some questions.


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Hey all,
My name is Sgtsurfinbyrd. Its been quite a while since I played on the Helloclan BFV server. I think the last time I really played on it was probably sometime in late 2012 or early 2013. I used to be a big part of the HelloClan community, and I thinking about becoming a regular again,, but I really don't know. I have several questions to ask you guys that may help me make up my mind.

How many players are online at a time? Back when I was there it was almost always a full 52. Now I do not expect it to be that, but I am curious.

Can BFV even work on windows 10 without a cd drive? I have tried installing it in the past but have not been successful recently.

Do you guys exist in any other games? I am not counting the minecraft sector of hello in this question.



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Hay surfinbyrd.

There are instruction on installing the "no cd" patch to run on windows 10. Windows 10 sees the write protect on the game disk as a virus and won't run without the patch. The plus side is once you install the game and have it running properly you do not need the cd in the drive.

As for the number of players ahhhhh the good old days are all but gone. Today around 1:30 PM CST there was about 20 or so players. I played several maps and then had to do non pixel related tasks. It can be tuff to get a good evening game going but it does happen occasionally and if you rejoin the community so much the better :)

If you have difficulty with the install Ice will help you as he has helped me in the past and let me just say thank you IceSkater.

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