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-[HELLO]-RS2V: Ride the Thunder [Campaign]

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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Leader
-[HELLO]-RS2V: Ride the Thunder [Campaign]

-[HELLO]-RS2V: Ride the Thunder [Campaign]

  • Maps according to real location in Vietnam
  • For fictional or unknown located maps, the location is set to suit real terrain and vegetation there.
  • GREEN = Custom Maps
  • ORANGE = Custom Maps, currently not in it's historical location due to campaing limits map amount per region to 5
  • How to get Helicopters during Campaign
Map List:

Quang Tri:
VNTE-QuangTri, VNTE-DongHa, VNTE-DMZ, VNSU-CuaViet, VNTE-Lolo_01 (Laos)
Quang Nam: VNTE-ASau, VNTE-HueCity, VNTE-Hill937, VNTE-ApacheSnow, VNTE-Ripcord (A Sau Valley)
Quang Ngai: VNTE-BorderWatch (Laos Attack), VNTE-NapalmStar (Quang Nam), VNTE-Neon_Redux (Hue)
Pleiku: VNTE-Highway14, VNTE-FirebaseGeorgina, VNSU-JungleCamp (Kon Tum) , VNTE-AirAssault, VNTE-JungleRaid (Pleiku)
Phu Yen: VNSU-AnLaoValley (Bình Định Province), VNTE-NinhPhu (Khánh Hòa Province), VNTE-PhanCong, VNTE-Oasis
Tuyen Doc: VNTE-Resort, VNTE-DaLat, VNTE-RadioRelay,
Binh Long: VNSU-SongBe (Phước Long Province), VNTE-TayNinhProvince, VNTE-Michelin, VNTE-Sledgehammer, VNTE-Riverbed
Saigon: VNTE-CuChi (Bến Cát in Bình Dương Province), VNTE-RungSac, VNTE-Saigon, VNTE-DawnOfTet,
Long Khanh: VNTE-LongTan, VNSU-OperationForrest, VNTE-OperationForrest, VNTE-DeepJungle (Long Khan), VNTE-AgentOrange
Kien Phong: VNTE-ApBac (Định Tường), VNTE-CharlieDontSurf, VNTE-CambodianIncursion, VNTE-Operation_Rice, VNTE-AnCuuBridge (Hue)
Vinh Long: VNTE-Mekong, VNTE-NineDragons, VNTE-CousteauPlantation, VNTE-HoaLu (North Vietnam), VNSU-HueCompound (Hue)
An Giang: VNTE-District, VNTE-Mau, VNTE-MauARVN, VNTE-KheSanhHills (QuangTri), VNTE-Firebase_Danger (Quang Tri)

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