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Hasting (bis)


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Hello, i have a suggestion:
A lot of players (like me and others) are frustrated to not play "Operation Hasting" at the time of influence (8 pm-11pm in europe from where i'm living, 16pm-20pm in canada?)
As HAsting is the first map of the list, it's finaly the most rare map played with full players online... I'm not asking remove any maps, but eventually add operation Hasting in the middle of the list, so it could be played with more players during influence time. This is not remove any maps, not make this map played more than an other but give a chance to peoples like me to not have to wait 2 a.m (when 90% of people left the server) to play it !
i'm very sad to play so rarely this map with you all.
Sorry for my awful english


Your beloved victime and murderer,