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sped up vehicles


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Hi all. I don't know if any of you used to play on the REVR servers, mainly Flaming Dart I think it was, where they had the jeeps speed up when sounding the horn.. just something to experiment with maybe. You could launch across waterways and it was a lot of fun. Also, adding the radio to some vehicles would be cool but I'm not sure if that's possible.


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Hello frequencitis
I remember quite well playing on REVR Flaming Dart.
Besides the "turbo mode" for jeeps they also replaced one Mi-8 with the Hormone Ka-25 from ConThien and added a Loach spawn on the platform of the Tango transport ship. And the heli tower was the only one that respawned after a certain time.

Regarding ingame radio: Idk if it's that what you mean but you can fix the radio by applying the following patch:
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HHK Hastings Server had a sped up A7 (Blue team airplane) in Hastings. It was fast enough to dog fight against Red team's Mig 17 on an almost equal basis. It even took off much faster than default. Adding KA-25 is a great idea too. I also suggest adding that Guided Missile Vehicle from Fall Of Saigon map to Operation Irving map for Red team will help the Red team counter Blue team's air power.