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May I ask a question?


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The rules say that players are not to engage in excessive team switching. Then the advisory says something like "3" times.

If the game is out-of-balance, and auto-balance kicks in. Those switches are not in violation I am sure. But what happens when a player, like Baki just did on Reclaiming Hue,, switch repeatedly back to blue when auto-balance pushed him to red? I bet he switched 10=15 times after even-balance pushed him to red. I know that at one point in the map, Orange (red team) killed Baki. Baki got pushed to red. He switched back. Orange killed him again and again the game pushed him to red. He switched back again. I don't know that the game was ever in balance until the end.

Asking for a friend...



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Excessive Team-Switching is frowned upon
The ability to team-switch is a great thing to have in game. However, it can be used malevolently. It can also indirectly cause unescessary frustration to other players who are trying to stay on their own team but are thrown back and forth due to other players switching in an excessive manner. Thus we ask every player to not manually switch more than three times in one map. If you are auto switched, please try stay on the team you are sent to, we'd like to keep the team's as balanced as possible.

Hi Pinky and anyone else who is interested.

Above is the specific rule for team switching and you can see that its not set in concrete and is up to the admin in game to decide if its punishable.

The fact is it is very hard to sit there and count how many times somebody switches and I am not going to do that nor will I ask my admins to do it.

I do however punish it when its obvious and done deliberately to screw with the team balance or to boost a players stats.
For example I kicked our friend Player last week for swapping to the winning side when they were already unbalanced.

I do not punish it for a player swapping at the start of the map or swapping back after being autoswapped.

I do appreciate good and fair players swapping to even the team :)
Thank you Vmax. I understand. I'm sure it would be a non-stop battle.

I have seen Baki switch every time he plays. No matter how unbalanced he makes the teams. It seems to be the same players always doing the same. however I have also as Pinky mentioned before seen Nagi stay on Red team so some ppl are improving their behaviour.


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Yesterday, same old crap with "Player". Right at about 3/4 of the way through Reclaiming Hue, he switched from red to blue. The teams were balanced and had been since shortly after the start of the map (with the typical guys switching teams at the start). He switched and I left the game. He's been doing it for years. Since I turned over a new leaf, when he does it, I'll go spectate or leave the server. If all players would do that, it might stop it.... but I doubt it. I don't get why he does it.

As for Nagi, that is true. I have seen Nagi making an effort to play where he is placed.


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It's good that you guys report issues like that. Player was already sent to a longer vacation the last time he pushed our rules to the limit.
Sad he didn't learn anything at all from his last ban.


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It's good that you guys report issues like that. Player was already sent to a longer vacation the last time he pushed our rules to the limit.
Sad he didn't learn anything at all from his last ban.
Call me naive or even dumb ... but I don't get what pleasure it is to switch. It was an epic battle. Yes, that "Radicals" dude was on the server ... but it was still a great match. Teams even. Guys playing the game. Then Player just switches.

I asked him a long time ago, prolly a year ago, why do you do this? His response was something like "I can't help it..." That is what he said. In game. He can help it. He just needs more persuasion because he messes up the game. It's disruptive. Some of us, perhaps most, don't like it.