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BIG, what up!


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I am saddened to see that Bigg has been been perma-banned again. Always enjoyed Flaming Dart with Big. Big, if you are reading this, why?


Mr. Black

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You will never understand my friend without insulting one of your long time players/complete shit disturber/loser player named Snakedoctor. The person that caused this twice now . Had'nt had a drink in a year to date and logged on at 4 am shittered after New Years party. Guess who intentionally got under my skin when I was drunk for the first time in 365 days? Yes Snakedoctor. Meanwhile at 4:30 Ish AM while nobody was on the server except him and I, he got a tongue lashing that was more than well deserved. Anyways Im out and happy with other options with no drama whatsover (Griffin). Take care Pinks, will miss you and all the rest of you fun players . Thank you Rob for giving me a week at Xmas. Meanwhile Pinks while your on Dart just remember... Its MY ISLAND. Cheers bro!


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Btw Shaun, I never intended to throw it in “your faces” but only to Snakedoctor that I was alone with at 4:30 am. Yet he reports it like a coward rather than taking it like a man. You never did read the whole conversation did you. If you had you might understand much better. He did his best to antagonize me and won. I don’t care a bit. As much as I truly enjoy playing with great people on your server there is something missing I have learnt. Friendly fire should be on ( toobers beware) and the drama that surrounds your server is awful. Complaints galore. Since you have been gone the server has definitely improved. Rob Vmax is doing a great job of understanding and appreciating the few that remain. You on the other hand enjoy playing Warden and have a fetish for unworthy punishment. (Musta got beaten up as a boy thru school etc). Cheers and keep up the good job Rob. Take care y’all


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I apologize to you again snake, many times I’ve asked you to be friends with no hard feelings and you continue to complain and report, hence your name... Snake


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Just to clarify since there are accusations namingme as aggitator.

I did not write anything to Big in chat as I have ignored him to avoid getting into a chatwar.
I had to accept he was back and knifing who ever he could.

When I logged on the other day he greeted me like this (Full chatlog)
Mr. Big

snakwe nothing against you but your a total women on the rag

08:24:35 01|01|2019
Mr. Big
grow up and have fun

08:24:47 01|01|2019
Mr. Big
im here for fun]

8:24:57 01|01|2019

Mr. Big
gs seat hoppa

The he got into a loop of excitement winding himself more and more up. which can be seen in the chatrlogs.


This is why I reported him as would have done with anyone else.
And others were on likle barfly and someone else i cant remember


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
mr. Big, I pulled for you to be reintroduced to the community and am sad to see that you are gone before I could pop you with an M79 and blow my toes off.

I am reminded of this joke.

How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?

Only one but the light has to want to change.


formerly know as hard_rice aka Paul Kersey


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First off, nothing I say here is intended by me to offend anybody and so I ask, please do not be offended. I don't mean to besmirch anybody. I have mended my relationship with Rob and I want it to stay that way. He's a good man and doing his best in difficult, and thankless, circumstances.

This is my pitch in support of Big. Yes, I know his history.

What I have observed in my long life so far, that seems to have passed rather quickly, is that time-to-time, we all lose our shit. We say things and do things we would never do if in our "right" frame of mine. I cannot tell you how many times I have said "I'm sorry". I have had to help people in my career who have called me names to my face. A young man I was helping through difficult times looked at me and said "fuck you". My reaction .... I walked away and continued my work to help him. I have tried to help people who have said to me "I have no confidence in you". "You are the worst". I take it and continue with my work. In a few days, I forget about it.

It seems to me that, at least in America, we have reached a point where we are seemingly easily offended by anything and everything. Road rage. Anger and angst. They are overtaking our society. You have to be careful not to honk your horn at the guy sitting at the green light in front of you who is texting. He might get out and take a shot at you. It's crazy.

I enjoyed Big being on the server but I will not pass judgment on Rob and Shaun for the decisions they make.

I can see from reading Big's comments that he has an issue and he admits to it. Big said some very inappropriate things but he has apologized to Snake and explained that his rage was fueled by alcohol. Big recognizes this. I have long forgotten the many things players have said to me that were caustic. A permanent ban from this server should be for the remainder of that person's life. Did what Big say in the game rise to such a high level of punishment? Guys say caustic shit on the server... often.

People drink .... then they drive. Happens every day. They make poor decisions. I've done many dumb things and it is a miracle I am alive to tell about it.

Have you ever made a poor decision and did your actions justify punishment that would last a lifetime?

Think about it.