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HelloClan Leader
Hey all,

It hit me that I didn't make an official topic when I got the Donate page up and working.

If you would like to Donate, there is a button at the top of the site but the link is: https://www.helloclan.eu/donate/

Please note that any Donations made don't come to me or SK. They go directly to Tedde and it's used to pay for the machine(s) thereon (somewhat automatically). Just had to clear that up in case there was any misunderstandings.

The Donate page (button at the top) keeps track of all Donations made, it won't reset or anything until I do it manually and you may also choose to be anonymous, you will appear anonymous on the Donate page. However, I (and only I) will know who you are, but it'll be our secret. ;)

Thank you to everyone who has Donated, it is greatly appreciated by me and it is a great gesture on your part to assist with keeping things going.

Ice / Shaun