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At the risk of getting my ass chewed ...


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Guys, before you pile on me and take your shots, hear me out. We have to change the maps. Granted, I was gone for six weeks and have played limited since then but what I have played, we just don't have the numbers. It is time to recognize that if we do not take steps to remove some of the ground maps, we are going to continue to lose players. They are leaving us and have been.

In the past, there are players who will say keep Ho Chi Minh Trail - yeah, that's great, so we lose 6 players leaving 4 to play it. Those 6 might come back in hours, next day, next week.

I am not calling for the removal of ALL the ground maps, hell, I love Reclaiming Hue, but the interest in playing maps with no air is waning. We are about to reach, if we haven't already, the point of no return. Look at the players we have lost in the past few years. I chat with Robo from time-to-time. I hear he has come and played some but not like back in the day. Is Canada playing? Only a few of our admins play.

I am about to head out on another trip for a good month but I have a decent laptop and will play the game if I can get it installed. I need to find the download and obtain an unlock code if anyone can help me. I will play on the road if I can get it up and running. I have to do that today if possible.

I'm not trying to trash the server, the admins or those who put up the server for us to play, but time marches on and we have to recognize that changes are necessary to keep the game alive. This has been a great place to play. Any business must make changes as time moves forward if they are to stay viable. We simply cannot afford to lose more players. So change the name of the server if you have to to "Maps to Keep The Game Alive". I think we all know that Vmax probably knows more about the players and the game at this server than all of us combined. Let him have his say about this.

Respectfully submitted,



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Maybe we can bring up map voting for certain period to see how it addresses that issue.


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Hi Pinky and anyone looking in.

Thanks for your input mate and I have turned on Mapvote for a week to see if we can live with it.
The guys that abused it the most and those that hated it the most no longer play on the server.