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Custom Map: Hue Compound


Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Leader
Hey all, I wanted to share with you some pictures of the custom map for RS2 that our fellow member Topcat and I are working on.

It's an expanded version of the small Skirmish map Compound that covers the assault on the MACV compound in Hue on the early morning of January 31st 1968 at the beginning of the Tet offensive.
We based our work on a Hue map from 1967 that I was able to dig out on the internet and additionally used some artist liberty to make the map look outstanding and allow a nice game flow.

The map covers several historical locations like MACV-Compound, the Jeanne d'Arc High School, the Le Loi Elementary School, the Post Office, the Republic of China Consulate and local Police Buildings in the modern city of Hue

You can check out the map at it's correpsonding SteamWorkshop page.

Of course it will also run on our Server.
We're always happy for any feedback since that will help a lot for future improvements!

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