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Map Vote abuse


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I have been back VERY shortly. Right away I can see, feel, hear a big problem.
Map vote.... it seems that people using this to constantly vote for air maps. non stop. I joined today, out of 5 maps, we got to play 1 ground map. which was almost voted away countless times.
I notice that as soon as one air map ends, if the cycle goes to city, or ground maps that the map vote comes in almost instantly. It makes it very difficult to get into the game when people are consistently changing the map at their own convenience. Today, we literally played Hastings, DART, Khe Sahn, Hue (barely) and than dart again. The rotation never completes its cycle, really it makes it unfair to those of us that enjoy the cycle of maps. I am an infantry nut, even tho I suck at it now.... but being constantly forced to play the maps being voted for I am forced to fly helos or jets or sit out.... this is not ok. Lots of others complain about the map vote as I could already see.
This is just my observation, and I REALLY hope we can implement some sort of restraint so we can play the maps in the cycle.... constantly having an air map is getting boring very quick, and I have only just returned.


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Here are the options:

Map vote enable = Server busy
No map vote enabled = Server dead

If you were me which would you choose?
Obviously we need people to play.
But the point I am trying to make, is that it is being abused strongly. And it sounded like there were plenty of people who would be in favor of removing it so we can play a game all the way to the end of the map.
As you told me ingame, "this is not a democracy", understood, and I accept your position as BFV Leader. All I am trying to do is just SEE if people would vote to remove it. Regardless of what happens I will play there... im just Hoping we can make it friendly for EVERYONE sir, Infantry nuts, and helo/jet lovers!!!
Seems to me like Dart, hastings, Khe Sahn..... and Dart are the most popular, or voted for.
Either way, this is my plea.



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Cuenta las cosas bien...
en una partida ya empezada entraste y votaste cambiar de mapa nadie lo voto y volviste a intentar cambiarlo y nadie quiso y volviste y 1 ,2,3,4,5,6,7,10000 de veces ..hasta que te avisaron de que pararas por abusar de votar .
Volviste a repetirlo en el siguiente mapa 10000000 de veces y lo mismo .
te avisaron mas de 1 y 2 personas (no te voy a decir los nombres) que pararas y seguiste .
Cuenta las cosas como pasaron
tambien puedes preguntar antes de votar como se hacia antes y tambien puedes votar 1 vez y si la gente no quiere no hace falta que votes 7 millones de veces


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Google translate of what Sylvia said:
Count things well ... in a game already started you entered and voted to change the map nobody voted and you tried again to change it and nobody wanted and you came back and 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,10000 of times ... until you were warned that You will stop for abusing voting. You repeated it on the next map 10000000 times and the same. They warned you more than 1 and 2 people (I will not tell you the names) that you stopped and followed. Count things as they happened You can also ask before voting as you did before and you can also vote 1 time and if people do not want you do not need to vote 7 million times
It seems we all like to use the map vote feature including you Tox :D


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I don't know who was doing it. I voted for Saigon, cuz you know I like Saigon.
someone else was voting for hue, hastings, dart, rec hue, hastings hastings hastings hastings..... don't try and blame me for all that map vote spam.
Sorry, find another scapegoat. Please don't blame me for someone elses actions thank you.

And on another note, forgetaboutit.... just happy to be back. I am not going to follow up with a poll


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no te iva a responder ..pero es que estas dejando a los demas como culpables sabes y no por hay no

que de tanto leerte me dejaste las orejas como dumbo durante 4 mapas que si estornudo podia aplaudir y to

Que quieres decir que votaste UNA VEZ SOLO?

1 antes que llegaras estavamos jugando y nadie voto mapa..
2 llegaste y empezaste a votar..( no pasa nada todo el mundo puede querer cambiar de mapa UNA VEZ ) y una vez es la mitad de dos y la decima parte de diez
3 seguiste con nex map y next map y mas next map
4 un jugador que no voy a decir su nombre te dijo :
---para de votar..
y tu le contestaste
--no es tu servidor asi que intenta no decirme que hacer..
Si TE LO DIJO POR ALGO SERIA ..NO ES SU SERVIDOR O LO QUE SEA ..PERO TAMPOCO TUYO (y el solo lo dijo por cuidar el juego ..)
Y te recuerdo que a MI me MATASTE HACIENDO MAIN RAPE ( segun TU no lo sabias ..cosa que no me creo POR SUPUESTO pero bueno no me importo ..1 main rape no me molesta .. )
Yo tambien me equivoco ..y lo reconozco no hecho la culpa alos demas


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I don't understand any of what he typed.

but with all the caps he put in there it must be intense...


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me voy a tomar unos minutos porque si te contesto ahora mismo telita la que te cae


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1 no entiendes lo que digo no ? me alegro muzzy ..
2 no te molestes que no me interesa tu respuesta
3 explicame eso de she he it ..we
para que quede claro lo que estas insinuando.. te doy de margen 1 horita vale? y si no te lo explico yo vale ?


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
I was very grateful that Vmax gave us the opportunity to choose to vote the map that pleases us more, this was a great benefit and now let's leave that aside?
this keeps the server fuller during the week, making it more attractive, I do not know but, most people who play during the week at night like the air maps, before that, often, if we were to play the hasting map, we had all combine to leave everyone together from the server, so that it restarts the order of the maps, which gave work, comfusion and wait.

even assuming that the request for constant map change disrupts the gameplay, I like the opportunity to vote.

I prefer the voting option to interfere a little in a few moments of the game, than having to wait for hours, to play a good map, especially when there are few people on the server with the same preferences.

El Alamein

Battlefield Vietnam Admin
Sorry guys, I have been very busy. I was recently accepted into grad school and I was visiting the new campus.

Google Translate isn't always the most accurate, especially when Silvia uses abbreviations and common spelling errors that are understandable to a Spanish speaker, but that Google Translate won't correct or detect automatically. If you guys think this is going to be an ongoing problem, please let me know and I can provide much better translation.

~The Deadliest Warrior


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Hola deadliest mira ..nose te iva a explicar pero es que no puedo porque acabo insultando a este ____ __ ____
sabes me tengo k morder la lengua ..
Si tienes alguna duda me lo dices por privado y te comento ..que e intentado 3 veces y me conozco sabes


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Lets chillllllll, its going to be alright. Nobody likes a hyper sensitive environment !

1. Map vote is back, like it or hate , its on for now
2. Possibly there is a few people out there that are voting on maps at a ridiculous rate. If you are please stop it , yes it is affecting the game flow. Playing half maps is weak and will drive players that we need away.
3. Lastly Tox is back, love him or hate him hes back . Lets not get all excited about a few of his antics. We had to listen to Fear's crap for years and you have been listening to my crap as well. Lets have a little latitude and let Tox adjust to the scenery and lets get used to the map vote thing.


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Thanks for the kind words Orange!!!
I wasn't trying to stir a hornets nest with this topic. In fact I was completely unaware that Mapvote was just added. I only discovered this a few days after I made this topic. No reason to change it... I will adapt to the map rotations and votes. I only made this topic because of the crazy votes that day we were playing Orange, you remember which day. But as I said, I didn't even know mapvote was JUST installed. I digressed to deciding against making a poll to remove it, the nature of keeping peace and not making a stink right after I got back on BFV.

I still have no idea what silvia is trying to say. If its related to this topic, isn't there a translation option somewhere?? jw


El Alamein

Battlefield Vietnam Admin
If you guys think it is necessary, I will translate what Silvia is saying (for those who don't know, I am fluent in Spanish, so I can translate with more nuance than Google Translate will, especially when there might be typos or common mistakes in Spanish that are understandable but that an online translator won't pick up).

But this would be a time consuming undertaking, so before I do this I would like to know if people want it done. If not, I will spend my time doing other things.

~The Deadliest Warrior


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I think there is a solution and I have proposed it before. Lose some of the maps. Yes, I know that there are some that like Fall of Saigon. So do I when there are 50 players but that's over. Get rid of it. Get rid of a couple of the jungle maps. Keep the maps I like and then shut off the voting. If we could have an order like this:

Reclaiming Hue
Flaming Fart
HO Chi Minh Trail
Saigon '68
Quang Tri
Game Warden
Landing Zone Albany
Khe Sahn
Hue 1968
Cambodian Incursion

Bag all other maps.

See my theory at work? Quang Tri and La Drang play long. If we can adjust the playing time on them, that would help. We alternate flying with a ground map. Shut off the voting since there is no way to control it ... apparently.

Guys get bored, they start a map vote and if it doesn't pass, they leave, me included. Guys, I love La Drang but it plays long and there is not the interest in it there once was. I don't think.

I know this is an all maps server... perhaps the last server? I just checked, Nagi is on. It is 12:55 PM CST

I am not trying to run the show or tell anybody what to do. I am trying to keep the game going.