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Map Vote abuse


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At 49 seconds, that had to have injured her neck. OUCH - but very funny stuff! 1:14 - another head trauma.


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After a few people asked for this, IceSkater already tried removing maps last year and this backfired. There was a forum vote and an overwhelming majority voted to RESTORE ALL MAPS. Every map is favored by some player or the other. Please don't try to change anything. Leave the server as it is. It has been doing very well all these years and it will continue to do great the way it is. Thank you!

Link: [BFV] Map Rotation Order (removed maps)

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Hope you're happy pinky.

Vmax left. :) Now entire control of BFV rests with the Admins only. Of which Rice is once again a member of, so I suggest you try not to bully him as well.

Cheers everyone!
Bully Rice? lol - go to your safe room Shaun. You can blame me and call me names. Not surprised. I talk to Rice at least once a week.

Don't want to talk about what you and SK did to Rice several years ago? How his admin privileges were removed? Yeah, let's not bring that up.

Yeah, it is all my fault Vmax quit. Honestly, I don't blame him. Surely it has nothing to do with idiotic rules that allow Player to switch teams over and over again. As though I am the only player who has complained about it.

The fault rests with you and SK. You two let certain idiots run players off the server. It's hard to say how many players have left because of the bullshit. The game is dying but it didn't help to let violators have chance after chance. And who in the hell thinks that letting players (Player) switch teams three times per map was a good idea? That made a lot of sense, especially after so many guys have complained about it.

It's easy to place blame on me. Have at it.

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Believe in what floats your boat.

I do blame you for Vmax leaving, you pestered him and tried to force your view onto him, like you did with me. You weren't happy that you were not getting your way and so you literally bullied him EXACTLY like you used to do to me.

Don't bring what happened to Rice up, you forget I offered him chance to return when I took over and was calling the shots. So don't even try it.

You know what just screw it, your best chance of change was with Vmax and it's gone. I've had enough arguments with you.
Vmax, dont leave man ! :cool:

Dont give Pinkies crap to much weight ! I want the team swappers booted too, but I don't want it at your expense.

I appreciate your help and dedication to the cause here ! You are riding the bull here not the armchair quarterbacks like Pinky. Hes going to far.