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Hi all! Sickboy is still alive!


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Hello friends. IceSkater wrote me via email and let me know BFV is still alive. So am I !! After nearly 3 years off i'd like 2 play BFV again. But i have a problem. I cant find the server. Maybe i have the wrong gameversion (1.2) and i dont know how i can get the right one that make me able 2 play again with all u damn noobs!! Can anyone help me with it? THX a lot and maybe we see us soon....

Capt. Canada

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Hi Sick.
Glad to know you are well...or sick...whatever.

Good luck back on the server. VMax and IceSkater will be able to get you up and running again.

I think a few of the guys still play, but most have moved on to other things. If I am able to return, then I'll be wearing my tags...and probably be dying frequently, each death more glorious than the last.


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thx for the rapid answer, shaun. and a hi to canada! i'm doin fine. update 2 v 1.21 is done. but when i add the server with given id and port i can see only the hello eu server and the backup server. when i click on it ping is 99999. i cant connect :(.