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BattleGroup42 RC4 - Patch 1 Release!


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Dear BattleGroup42 fans,
since the release of RC4 in December 2018, we’ve received quite a lot of bug reports from our players and team members. All of the reported bugs up to 27th of February 2019 have been fixed. The reworked damage system introduced in RC4 still needs some fine tuning, and we’re still working on that.
You can find the patch files: here
Other download links:
1.) The Basic - für neue Spieler: Download
2.) Battlegroup42 RC4 - 1 - 5 Part: Download
3.) Battlegroup42 RC4 - Patch 1: Download

Files Für Server Hoster:
Für Server Hoster die Battlegroup42 Patch 1 Server Files: Download
Alle Battlegroup42 Server Files und Entwickler Tools - im unteren Abschnitt zu finden: Download


There are also mirrors available on our moddb site, please check the links listed below

Changelog - first patch for BG42 RC4

vehicle fixes
fixed OT-34/85 missing engine sound
added missing right side road wheel on Kangaroo
fixed the misaligned suspension on Sturmpanzer II
fixed missing recoil on gunbarrel of Semovente 75/18
fixed faulty first person view on bow mg of M3 Light (all variants)
moved the gunner seat of the Wespe to a better position
fixed wrong soundscript for engine of ISU-152
fixed missing sound for rear machine guns on He-111 torpedo bomber
added improved tank track animation speed settings made by al13326
fixed missing tank tracks sound on early KV-1 tank
added missing crosshair on Sexton (Coop version)
resized SU-152's idler wheel to better fit the tank track
removed unused crosshair from Ha-Go rear turret machine gun
fixed offset railings on Hilfskreuzer hull mesh
fixed game crash when destroying the ZIS-3 gun (both stationary and mobile version)
removed crosshairs in BV-138 cockpit view
map fixes
added missing static object on 4006-dunkirk_perimeter
fixed faulty soldier spawns on 4208-jiangxi
changed the US soldier kits to US Marine kits on 4410-clash_on_surigao
added missing textures for some tree meshes
fixed wrong texture for Flak 36 on 4005-montherme
fixed wrong spawn of B-4 howitzer on 4108-uman_pocket
changed US Rifleman Springfield kit to M1 Garand kit on 4204-fall_of_bantaan
fixed floating fences on 4307-prokhorovka
switched Serbian Soldiers on 4405-raid_on_drvar to new Yugoslavian Partisans (thanks to Laufer for the content)
fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4406-fox_green
fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4411-operation_infatuate
fixed typo in map description of 4501-operation_matador
fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4504-pounding_the_rock
fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4504-royan_outskirts
added missing effect soundscript to 4504-royan_outskirts
various fixes and additions
changed the Italian Navy flag to the correct one
fixed soldier kits using the wrong "Assault" description (machine gunners for example)
fixed size of some soldier helmets (thanks to Laufer)
fixed damage of Breda 42 anti tank grenade
reworked Soviet "Pilotka" hat (thanks to Laufer)
added Valentine III and IX to Russian repair depot
started damage system overhaul. This was necessary due to some values being too low or too high.

We want to thank all of our team members and fans for their continued support of the mod, and hope that you'll have a lot of fun with the new version