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Bad Ban


Master Poster
This was Thursday evening, cannot remember the exact time. It was late, there were 4 people playing.
Myself and Dragon we were flying helos against IRON MAN, and Silvia...
As you can read it was Clearly an accident. We left main Straight away as we realized, I said to my teammate 'shit I thought we had all flags'..
We both apologized SEVERAL TIMES. We were in the main for like 10 seconds TOPS... I think only 1 of them even was killed. AS SOON AS THEY SAID MAIN RAPE,
I LOOKED AND SAW WE DIDNT HAVE ALL FLAGS AND LEFT ASAP. Im not exaggerating, We left right away. Apologized several times.
If any of you know me, you know I Refuse to play cheap. I DO NOT RAPE MAIN until last flag.
Im not sure why you felt the need to be so strict as to even enforce a ban on this when you and I and everyone that reads the chat log can see that it was CLEARLY a mistake
and one that was apologized for. And it did Not happen again afterwards. It was absolutely unintentional.
Ive played lots since my return and have been raped Plenty of times in the main wrongfully. I sure didn't even think to come here and try and have someone banned.
Most people leave main when its an accident. I did just that.
Theres a huge difference between intentionally raping and what actually happened.
This is a bad ban.


Rookie Hero
The ban ran out 4 and half hours ago so its done.

For you and anyone looking in, the onus is on you if you are attacking main, to make sure they don't get a flag otherwise you are in violation of the rule.
Remember you don't have to main rape at all.....

If an admin is on and catches you its usually just a kick or warning but if you are reported on here with proof its 24 hours.


Master Poster
we were having a fun time all of us. it was an accident. pretty childish to actually come here and file a complaint knowing good and well it was 100% accidental.
if that's how it is here now. adios