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BFV Sound Fix and Video Settings

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Hey all,

I featured something like this, not exactly, in a previous topic with regard to fixing the sound and video of BFV.

Whilst the video settings I mentioned are still current, Rambo and SK mentioned the below link that would fix sound issues in BFV i.e. Stars and Bars radio, Hannoi Hannah, general environment sounds like crickets and birds as well as radio sounds.

It's a simple download from ModDB, which you can find here.

The install is very straightforward:

1. Obviously download...
2. Unzip the downloaded file using WinRAR or 7zip.
3. Open the folder that contains the files just unzipped.
4. Double click on the file titled "bfv_sound_fix_install".
5. You're done! Launch BFV as normal. :)

I've also attached the guide for the video settings below.

This procedure involves editing two game files:
Note that the folder where the Video settings is in, probably won't be the same name as your In-game name, it will instead be your "Profile Name", you can find that out by launching your game and going to "Profiles", click on the one you use currently and it will show "Game Name" & "Profile Name", you're profile name is what we need to get to the next step.

The below is the path for where to edit the video settings, the below are all folders that you need to go into to get to the next:
\*your windows user name*
\Program Files (x86)
\Battlefield Vietnam
\Your Profile Folder
Inside your Profile folder is where we will find the files we need to edit:
Go to the directory location as mentioned above, open up the folder that has your profile name on it.
Once in there open "Video.con" with notepad and you will see the below line, note that I've already edited it so it has my current graphics settings already.
game.setGameDisplayMode 1920 1080 32 0
Edit the above line to suit you're graphics settings. You shouldn't have to change the "32" or the "0" as that can be where some issues lay.

Next open "VideoCustom.con" and edit these two lines:
game.setDisplayMode 1920 1080 32 0
game.setGameDisplayMode 1920 1080 32 0
Again, edit the graphics settings exactly as you have done in the first file and leave the "32" & "0" as is.

Once you have done both files make sure to right click on both and make sure "Read Only" is checked.
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