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Ninja Gy banned?


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Ninja Gy and I (x4|Al Gore) were playing on the server on Saturday. The last map we played was Flaming Dart. NME, Santa, Ironman, Rick, and that new guy Ppl Tox were among the few players present. When the map ended, we both quit because it was his study time. When my Ninja Gy tried to get back on the server day before yesterday (Sunday) and even now he is getting an error message BANNED FROM SERVER. We both are confused why he is banned because he didn't do or say anything wrong. I checked the forum and there is no mention by any admin about banning him nor any explanation. It seems that he was banned mistakenly. Would you please look into this? Thanks again for your time.


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
Hi Al Gore,

I just checked the ban list and he is not banned. It is likely to be corrupted files that are triggering an auto-ban from the anti-cheat file checking routine.

I would suggest that Ninja Gy:
- Try rebooting his computer and then try to re-login
- If that does not work, backup your Battlefield Vietnam directory under Program Files (x86)/EA GAMES and then re-install
- If you have a prior backup of your Battlefield Vietnam directory, backup of the current copy and replace it with your prior backup.


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I just saw a player ninja ... that put the one that goes out in yellow in the message ...