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A Message to the HelloClan Community! (25/09/2019)


HelloClan Leader
---Hello dudes and dudelinas!

-----Well, you probably already saw IceSkater's post about my new role in HelloClan community. I'm still learning how to manage both server and this site, also it were a pretty busy days for me in real life, so only now I am finally able to come up with words and say my hello to you all! ❤
-----I don't really remember when I have joined the server for the first time, gametracker says it was Feb 16, 2011 8:07 PM, but back then I was also playing under different nicknames such as ^Soldier^ (as long as I remember), default "Player" and some other, so it might be even earlier. I guess I don't even need to introduce myself to the majority of our players, because we are already met through many intense battles on the battlefield :)
-----During this period of time I've witnessed 2 great leaders of this community in their full activity: SK and IceSkater. After that Vmax became a new leader, but moment later also left our group.. Since that time no one stepped in to look after this community... Meanwhile, the things started to go worse: continuous hacker attacks, players leaving this server, resulting in HC server's shift down in gametracker's rank, even overall atmosphere of the game have spoiled: disruptive gameplay all over the place, excessive vulgar language, even admins sometimes seemed like they don't care what's going on on the server...
-----I'll be honest with you, I've never really wanted to be an admin... All I ever wanted was to play my favorite game in a healthy and friendly environment, which was well sustained when HC leader was in control, though I tried to help them by providing video evidence as much as I could. But now, at tough times, I just can't watch how my favorite server of one of my favorite games is slowly dying and there's no one to help it, so I volunteered to try to fix as much things up as I will be able to and maintain a certain level of order. Sometimes I think I overestimated my ability to manage the #1 community of Battlefield Vietnam, but I promise I will try my best to do so!
-----I'm really touched that Tedde and IceSkater are believing in me, so I'll try to suit their expectations and expectations of this community! Also I'd like to express my highest gratitude towards IceSkater, who dedicated a great portion of his attention and time, explaining and teaching me how things are working around here! I believe now I can say a big THANK YOU ❤ on behalf of the HelloClan community for your continuously support up to this day and wish you good luck in your beginnings!
-----Also I'd like to thank mRoRange and SellOut who already wrote down kind and supporting words before I even managed to post this message ;)
-----I can't fix things up here alone, so I'd like to ask every one of you here to help me :) Let's make HelloClan great again! One of my first decision was to rename the server from "-[HELLO]-BFV" to "-[HELLO]-Bfv | Allmaps v1.21" to remind us of good full of players times and to show that we are on the latest available version to let new players faster install all required patches and get in the game! What do you think of it?) I can bring it back if you will be strongly against it :oops:
-----Well, what else to say? It looks like you are all stuck with me now :D If you need any assistance and you think that I am able to help, feel free to send me PM here or use our Discord server. Also, don't forget to use players' reports section if you see any violation. The only thing I will ask you is to provide image/video evidence (or link to round's stats), because for now it's not possible for me to analyze logs to confirm bad behavior.

-----See ya in-game!
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who is the new admin? the face person, the one everyone in the server believes cheats? who is this person who banned silvia?
asking for a friend


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te iva a responder pero voy a esperar a ver si respondes lo que te puse ....( el dia que me expulsaste y ya van 4 mucha prisa para expulsarme pero poca para dar explicaciones "" papi"")
y tu eres admin? ..oye la expulsion la ordenaste tu ? o tu criado zlatan o el lazarillo server ful?
curiosidad nada mas .. para que veas que no hay rencor te regalo un bono de 10 sesiones de masaje con eduardo manos tijeras
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x4|Al Gore

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It is great to have RusWarrior to take care for this server. It is in good hands! Things are running well! Of course some people have a problem with authority and are jealous, but we should focus on the positive. Congrats RusWarrior! Thank you for your time and effort.