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App to notify when players are online on server

x4|Al Gore

Normal Poster
Is there an app that regular players can install on their phone that will notify us when other players just got on the server? This will help increase player turnout. I only use Gametracker site to see if anyone is playing, but it doesn't notify me when I'm not checking the site. Such an app will be great and everyone must install it to be able to get on the server when available.


Forum Newbie

I've created such a quite ugly but useful App.

Just type in the URL of the Gametracker-Server (in this case https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ and a count of minimum players. By activating the notifiations in the app, you'll get a notification if there is your defined minimum player count on the server.

This app checks the player count every 15 min. After a start-up of your phone, it should start automatically.

There is still a little bug with the "only in Wifi"-button, but it will be fixed with the next Update.

If there are any other bugs or problems except any design issues (I really hate to design an app), it will be nice if you post them right here so i can maybe fix them :)

I hope, it will help you!

Best regards