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Banned from server

Hi , I have a problem joining your server it says I'm banned I only managed to join it like 1 or 2 times and did nothing wrong, I think it's the same problem of the cd key, But some guys told me I should change the value of the cd key on regedit, I tried that but didn found the exact folder for that, maybe I'm missing something, any suggestions??


HelloClan Leader

This is happening because you probably are using cd-keys from the Internet, which have already been used before by some banned players.
To prevent these issues from happening you need to get a new unique cd-key, usually they can be found inside new BFV CDs. Or, if you do not have one you can PM me, maybe I will be able to help you.

To register a new cd-key you need to open this file:
Your Battlefield Vietnam folder\eReg\Battlefield Vietnam_code.exe